9 Disney Channel Actresses Who Beat the Curse

Everyone’s talking about “The Disney Channel Curse” thanks to Demi Lovato‘s reps revealing she’s headed to rehab (even though she’s being proactive about her “emotional issues” seems more like a positive step to me than a downfall). Demi is not the first Disney star to stray from the “goody-goody” reputation Disney likes to put out for its tween audience. Miley, Lindsay, Britney. They’ve all had their stunts (Miley’s being that she’s just being Miley) to break out from Disney’s shadow.  But people are forgetting about those Disney actresses who have made it through the rough and never ended up in rehab for emotional distress or drugs or alcohol, or as a half-naked minor on stage. Being a Disney Channel star is clearly rough. And it’s these girls who have embraced being in the limelight and used it to benefit their careers and reputation that people should be talking about.

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    • Sally

      omg do I miss Christy Carlson Romano! Where is she now? She and Christina Aguilera are definitely my favorite of this list <3 I miss those days of Even Stevens. And Lizzie Mcguire. And Mickey Mouse Club! And to be honest, even if they are "clean" I don't find Ashley Tisdale and Selena Gomez as very fitting for this list as they can not even act. (That's just my opinion; if someone disagrees, that's fine.) sighhh… I miss the old Disney Channel!!!

    • Alison

      Another one for the list is Alyson Michalka from Phil Of The Future who is also in Hellcats opposite Ashley Tisdale.

      What about Brenda Song from Suite Life, I never hear anything about her.
      Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World also.

    • Lauren

      Actually, Selena and Demi aren’t best friends anymore…but that’s beside the point.

    • ROSA

      You missed anne hathaway too!

    • CH

      PREEEEETTY sure christina aguilera has ended up half-naked on quite a few stages.

    • Kristi

      Fergie has ADMITTED to a crystal meth problem!!!

    • red knows

      you guys should have included Michelle Trachtenberg. she was in Inspector Gadget and several other disney films. she is now a recurring character on Gossip Girl and starred in 17 Again.

    • Spinelli

      What standard is this article based on? Fergie has no problems and Miley Cirus does? I don’t like either of them but I understand that there is a level of well-adjustedness that any child star grows up lacking. The problem is how even under all the pressure we put on child stars, we continue to do it when they are at their worst. Doesn’t it strike people as odd that we don’t even hear names like Christy Carlson Romano any more?

    • cherry.blossoms

      Christy Carlson Romano got a bad boob job and was completely nude in a recent movie… she might have not had a public downfall but I wouldn’t say she “escaped the curse”.

      Proof: http://egotastic.com/entertainment/celebrities/christy-carlson-romano/

    • Emily

      I love Hillary Duff. She’s the best Disney star ever.