Video: ‘You Can See Russia From Here…Almost’ – ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

“You’ve always wanted to be a rock-climber, Sarah!”

“Rock climber or rock star?” Sarah quips.

The first episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska is now available online.  The 8-part television series premiere will be on Sunday, November 14, at 9 p.m. on TLC.  According to The New York Times, the show promises to show Alaska through “Ms. Palin’s eyes.”

Here’s an example of what you are in for: Of a new neighbor who is supposedly spying on the Palin family by renting the house next door, Sarah said,”Todd and his buddies got out there and built a 14 foot fence.  And I was very thankful for that.  By the way, I thought that was a good example, what we just did, others could look at and say, ‘Oh, that’s what we need to do to secure our nation’s border.’”

Just in case you can’t stomach the whole episode, here’s the trailer:

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    • nolalola27

      Ugh, this woman.

    • arallyn

      Oooh, it’s started already? I promised the human side of myself that I wouldn’t watch any TLC/Discovery channels while it was running. :( There isn’t much on them these days, and of course it makes no difference to them whether I watch or not, but the reviews I’m seeing of that show make me feel like that network is toxic for now.