Gallery: Probably Comfortable but Certainly Ugly Fashion

Because I have public comfort-dressing on the brain today, I’ve put together a gallery of what I consider to be the more objectionable pieces I see on the street with alarming frequency. I admit donning sweats for a coffee run or not giving a shit on laundry day is probably acceptable, but I’m hard-pressed to think the styles contained here are never a good idea.

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    • KaylaAndrena

      Agreed!! My biggest pet peeve is when women wear tights/leggings as pants! They are see-through and no one wants to see your a**. Sorry.

    • R

      @Kayla: Sienna’s a** is completely covered in this outfit. @Ashley: Sienna looks totally hot, sorry. And yes, it’s a club look or an A-list star look. Most couldn’t pull it off.

    • colette

      Never thought I’d see Michael Jackson in an article with “comfortable” in the title