Why Are People Still Buying Fur?

Listen — I’m not exactly the biggest PETA activist. I eat meat, and I eat cheese, and I think that posing nude as a protest does nothing but showcase your nude body, and make people forget that you’re there for a different reason.

But I never cease to be amazed that still, to this day, designers make clothing and bags with fur — fur! — and people buy them. I thought this was an issue that was resolved back in the red-paint-throwing days — fur is cruel, let’s cut that shit out.

And yet everywhere you turn this season, it seems like fur is back in a huge way. Fur vests, fur bags, fur boots. No doubt fur pants, somewhere. Marc Jacobs has a bag made out of Kalgan goat fur. Dolce & Gabbana has a bag made out of “55% bovine, 45% coyote.” Coyote. Who even thinks of that?

So what’s happening here? Why has fur come back into vogue, especially when you can buy faux fur that looks just as good and no little animal had to die for? And who in the world (besides Rachel Zoe and the Olsen twins) is rocking this trend with a good conscience?

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    • Eileen

      Personally, I don’t like the way fur looks, so I’ve never bought any, but unless you’re going to call out people who buy leather, I don’t know if this article is entirely fair. Does faux fur wear as well, over time, as real fur? Does it feel the same, have the same weight and warmth? (These are actual questions, btw, not sarcastic ones – I don’t know and am just offering suggestions here) There are leather substitutes, but I still buy jackets, belts, and shoes made from leather because they’re simply higher quality.

    • Colleen

      Eileen brings up a good point. Everyone bashes fur, but leather is praised.

      Personally, I have great respect for the fur industry–go up north and spend time with a trapper and you may see the world a little differently.

      You should hear about the senseless slaughter of animals in Europe as they have banned the trapping industry and suddenly have all these “nuisance” animals running around. They kill them for NOTHING. At least if they still had trapping allowed, the animal population could be controlled at a reasonable level without being decimated, trappers could earn a living and the farmers wouldn’t find these wild animals such a nuisance.

      Humans have encroached on animal territories with our development and population growth. We need to figure out some type of balance. I don’t claim to know all the answers, but I feel the EU has gone about it in the wrong way.

    • K

      Does faux fur wear as well, over time, as real fur? Does it feel the same, have the same weight and warmth?

      No, to all your questions. Faux fur looks dingy after a couple of wears and is useless for warmth.

    • A

      @Colleen – the fur industry does not get the majority of their fur from trappers, but instead factory farms where the animals are kept in inhumane conditions. A few years back, a factory in China was shut down for using cat and dog fur and passing it off as a more acceptable animal fur to wear.

      And before anyone says “Yea, but thats China” these clothes were being sold in the US, some under the P. Diddy line.

    • K

      How’s this for irony? The leather purse linked directly above this article on the main page was written up by the same author.

    • lotusflwr

      Fur is gross. At least leather comes from cows that we’re eating anyway. Same with feathers and down in coats/pillows/duvets. I think there’s a difference between using multiple bits of an animal and specifically raising fuzzy chinchillas just to turn them into fashion.

      • Talei Lama

        research the down industry. i’m sure you’ll definitely be surprised as to how the down in peoples coats pillows and duvets is harvested. absolutely horrific. there are multiple campaigns to stop it.

    • Tonya R

      If one is willing to kill an animal for food… isn’t that just a “cruel” as killing it for clothing? Yes, you have other alternatives for clothing, but there are other options for eating too.

      If you want to totally protect the critters from “cruel” humans, you better be a vegan who doesn’t… wear leather or use leather of any kind.

      Kinda strange how some of the PETA stars are always carrying around chic Marc Jacobs leather bags…. just saying.

    • Talei Lama

      perfectly true, if someone wants to campaign for a ban on the fur trade without being hypocritical, they really shouldnt be eating meat, fish or poultry.. have you seen behind the closed doors of those factory farms? jeeze. i’m a lacto-ovo-vegetarian transitioning to a vegan diet. i’m actually really enjoying it too, apart from the lack of vegan menus in restaurants but hay, gotta start somewhere, what the consumer demands, the consumer gets right? (well over time anyway). we have to BE the change the world needs. and tbh i really pity celebs who will place their own vanity over a defenceless, voiceless life. smh.. lets be the change :)