10 Office Must-Haves Under $10

Some people have an entire office to themselves at work. Some have a smaller, although still generally private, space like a cubicle. Others have a large desk they share with three other people. No matter how much personal space you have at your desk, there are still certain things you should always keep with you for when that “just in case” moment actually happens. Like when wine is delivered to you at the office and you just don’t have a wine opener. We’ve solved all your problems. Here are 10 things you need to keep with you in your office, or ginormous shared desk, just in case.

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    • Raquelle

      Could I add “bozo the clown inflatable punching bag” to this list? Just in case you need a healthy medium to vent your feelings about your jerky boss.

    • Ellen W.

      I think the white tank top should be a black T-shirt because white shirts are usually see-through. But other than that these are all great ideas.