Bacon Soda: Yes Or No?

As a bacon lover, I want to say “yes!”

But as someone whose getting a little sick of foods cropping up on the market that no one would really want to eat, I’m going with “no”. Once upon a time “going to focus groups is all about telling people that sure, you think Nacho flavored soda is a great idea” was a punchline. A punchline in a business book, but a punchline all the same. Now I’m pretty sure Jones is going to put out Nacho flavored soda within a month.

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    • lee

      Jones Soda tastes like cheaply flavoured liquified cotton candy at the best of times. There is absolutely zero need or demand to develop carbonated savory beverages.

    • Jillian

      Bacon is only good when served from a hot sizzling griddle. And soda is only good with its true caramel flavoring. And maybe some type of aspartame.

    • Jo

      Hmm, I cannot comment on Jones soda since I’ve never tried it. However, I am a fan of Bacon, in most forms. just the other day I had a bacon brownie and it was delicious… so I’d definitely give the soda a try.

    • Philomena

      OK, I know that the market at the moment at the moment is pretty hard to get into but would you ever imagine saying “Oh, my breath smells terrible, I better have some BACON GUM” or saying “I need something cool and refreshing, how about some BACON SODA” I’m not saying I don’t like bacon, I do very much, but whoever invested in this product is stuffed.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      I can’t picture what bacon would taste like as a liquid… unless it tastes like all the grease in the pan.