What Discontinued Product Did You Love?

Over at Jezebel, Dodai’s favorite tampon has been discontinued. We’d feel her pain if the fact that we live on vodka and pumpple didn’t long ago render us incapable of bearing children. So we’ll let Dodai describe it for you:

People, I swear, it has been years. Years! How do I just change the way I handle my business every month? I mean, I bought Super Plus, but Ultra just made me feel… safe. I MEAN FOR THE LOVE OF DOG WHAT CAN YOU RELY ON THESE DAYS?!?! Anyway. It’s just annoying that a product with which I was so… intimate… up and ditched me.

That sucks. And, while we never thought this would be an writer we’d group in with a Jezebel writer, Candace Bushnell knows just what that’s like. In Trading Up she writes:

At the very least, coming to Paris would allow her to stock up on her favorite lipstick color, she thought wryly. But in a moment, the shopgirl returned from the back room, shaking her head. “I’m sorry madame, but there is no more Pussy Pink.”
“No more Pussy Pink?”
“No, madame…”….
“It is finis,” the shopgril said with a shrug, as if she’d already lost interest in the conversation.
“What do you mean finis?” Janey said.
“The color… it is, how you say, discontinue?”
Janey left the shop in shock. Pussy Pink had only been her signature color for nearly fifteen years, ever since she’d first come to Paris… her roommate, Estella, had told her that she should always wear the same lip color to help the photographers remember her. And it had helped, although maybe not the way she’d intended.”

And then Janey becomes a harem girl and there’s a scandal! I wonder if that will happen to Dodai, too. Bad things happen when people’s favorite products are discontinued.

Here, Ashley and I both bemoan the loss of Diet Berries and Cream Dr. Pepper. That drink was like crack for girls who drink diet soda. Non-addictive crack that nobody but us liked, apparently.

And, as a kid, I loved Chili’s High-And-Mighty Ice Cream Pie so much that I’m pretty sure that eating it now would trigger some sort of diabetic Proustian flashback, if they hadn’t discontinued it. Oh, High-And-Mighty Ice Cream Pie, I will search forever for an adequate replacement and find none.

What products have you lost? And have you ever been able to track them down?

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    • Bren

      I think I actually shed real tears when I learned that Hood discontinued their Simply Smart Fat Free Half & Half. This product was BRILLIANT! All the richness of half & half and none of the fat and MORE IMPORTANTLY it wasn’t enrichened (yes, I know that’s not a real word) with corn syrup!!! All the other fat free half & half products out there are loaded with the sweet stuff. Hello??? If someone is buying fat free half & half there’s a good chance they are doing so to cut down on calories!!! Besides, it was great for my diabetic friends.

      So I really really rue that one disappearing……..

      • Meg

        Cover girl lipstick in “lilac shine”, devastating!I looked fab in this lipstick my skin looked brighter, my eyes more sparkely & I swear it even made my hair look better. Tragic just tragic, still haven’t found a replacement.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Why do you always bring up Diet Berries and Cream Dr. Pepper? It still hurts, Jennifer. It still hurts so much.

    • Beverly

      Oh my goodness, Diet Berries and Cream. I still feel your loss. And even though commercials try and tell me regular diet Dr Pepper is better. It’s not! Glad I don’t suffer alone. Also miss strawberry lemonade body wash from bath and body. Every once in a while they bring a similar version back, but again it’s just not the same.

    • Miss Sia

      Downy – Tropical Bloom fabric softener

      C.O. bigelow – rose salve with a different formula

      Starbucks – Caramel Apple Cider before that horrid syrup change

      Fossil – Big tic watches.

      Clearly I could go on & on. But I shall spare you that.

      • Stella

        I must completely agree about the Caramel Apple Cider. Cinnamon Dolce syrup was never intended to be mixed with apple juice. It’s just wrong. *sigh*

    • Missy

      L’oreal Exfotonic body scrub. It was the most magical thing in the universe. It kept my skin completely flake free in upstate NY winters, which I had gone my entire life assuming was impossible. It seriously breaks my heart as I have been unable to find something even close to it.

    • Kate

      Jane Goodskin skin care system. Ugh. They were the only products that kept my skin clear AND glowy.

      I also remember a hair care line like Got2B (the name has slipped my mind) that I looove when I was 12. It was cheap drugstore pomades and straightening products. They were AWESOME.

      • susan

        got2be is still around! At least, we have it in MA.

    • Micky

      Planter’s Cheese Balls!

      • Lilit Marcus

        They stopped making those?!

    • Annike

      L’Occitane Vanilla perfume. I have one bottle left my husband gave me 2 years ago at Christmas and I’m still rationing it. I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s all gone.

    • Melissa

      Neutrogena overnight lip treatment and the other lip glosses they used to make, my lips will never be the same!

    • Megan

      Macaroni Grill took one thing off of their menu recently–my favorite baked, spicy, comfort-food-with-wine vodka pasta with tons of cheese. I can’t replicate it, and I lament.

      Kate–We still have the Got2B hair products in Ohio! Check Amazon or CVS.com, maybe? I know they’re still wonderful and available!

    • Suze

      Clairol Natural instincts color in Saharan Rose – the ONLY strawberry blonde/light red demi color out there. Now gone. Apparently real redheads don’t get to cover our grey. Unless we want scary clown red hair. The color that real red hair never is. F you Clairol…sob…

    • Jillian

      Aveeno’s shave gel was discontinued ALL summer. It’s the only shaving cream that doesn’t give my poor legs razor burn and NOBODY was selling it anymore. Not even drugstore.com. Anywho, I stumbled upon it in the drugstore last week and bought every single one they had in stock. In case Aveeno tried to screw me over again.

      • Heather

        You can usually find Aveeno Shave Gel in the men’s shaving section at Target. That’s where I get mine.

    • Seadanes

      Florida Flamingo by OPI.

    • Meghan

      Fresh canceled my favorite perfume: Bulgarian Rose. I stocked up on two bottles when it happened two years ago. But now I’m about to run out. And things are getting dire. I can’t deal with finding a new perfume.

    • Lizzy

      Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in the color Coy. And Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Plum Wicked.
      It’s pretty much a sure bet when I fall in love with a lip product it ceases to exist.

    • Erika

      When I was younger Victoria’s Secret used to have this body cream called Tranquil Breezes. Now I can only find it on ebay for $200 and since it hasn’t been made for 10 the smell just isn’t the same…..

    • groovymarlin

      When I was in college, I wore a Revlon Moondrops lipstick called “Tea Silk” that was the perfect pinky-beige color. One of those “my lips but better” colors that I loved. They discontinued it, and I have never found anything else even close.

    • Missjonesy

      I buy Salon Selectives hairspray off ebay…My SunSilk hair stuff got discontinued and it was like the end of the world….John Frieda Beach Blonde oil/water spray, Benefit Lip Gloss in Rave Reviews, hair u4ea curling creme…I have a lot of hair issues :(

    • nannabug

      I too have lost SunSilk hair products. I have very curly hair and it was the only product that tamed and yet gave my hair a nice bounce. I have looked everywhere for it. I am still trying out new products with no luck. If they ever take away my herbal essences for curly hair, I’ll have to shave my head.

    • bodo

      I liked axe air, it was their best one by far

    • non

      i miss planters cheeseballs so much ;_; * sniff *

    • BLM2

      “Perfect Couple” eyeshadow by Clinique. Several years later and still in mourning.

    • Heather

      Bobbi Brown Lipstain in Cranberry. It was discontinued in 2001. I still can’t find a good replacement.

    • BK

      - The original Herbal Essences shampoos/conditioners. I loved the one in the pink bottle. The new line is ok, but it’s just not the same. I found some of the old stuff in a store in Greece and bought multiple bottles, but of course I accidentally threw it in my carry on and it had to get thrown out :(

      - Revlon Skinlights, particularly the tinted moisturizer

      - Also, Revlon used to have another line, I forget what it’s called, that I LOVED when I was in middle school. It had all sorts of glittery shimmery stuff, which was very age-appropriate for me at the time. I couldn’t get away with it today, but I would like to see it for old-times sake.

      - Aveeno discontinued their Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer for the entire summer. Luckily, they’ve recently brought it back.

      - Not that I particularly miss this, but Salon Selectives used to have something called, if I recall correctly, Lighten Up. It was a mousse with hydrogen peroxide in it that you used to put in your hair to make it slowly lighten over time. At age 11, I decided I would purchase this product in hopes that it would turn my hair Christina Aguilera- blonde (don’t laugh- this was 2000). Unfortunately, not yet understanding the process of bleaching hair, my medium brown locks turned a tabby-cat orange after a few weeks of use. I suppose that’s why it was eventually discontinued.

      So many more, I can’t even remember them all !

    • Vanessa G

      I’m SO PISSED that BCBG discontinued their four perfumes, namely “Metro” (remember the BCBGirls line of four?). Its the only perfume that works with me, and I always get compliments when I wear it. WHY did they mess with a good thing?? All I want is this friggin perfume back- I think about it every morning because none other is “quite right.”

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      I think it’s discontinued; Ulta don’t carry it anymore and I can’t find it online, but my makeup artist friends and I loved Sugar cosmetics bronzer. It is best bronzer to get you really dark, and I’m really bummed I can’t find it anymore.

    • Christina

      John Frieda – Beach waves. Best thing ever!! Have not found anything close.

      • karen

        YESSSSS! i loved that stuff.

        also – cha-cha-chica body spray by calgon.

    • Ashley

      Hard Candy’s Lip Sorbet in Raspberry Crush. It’s been the only lip gloss I use since I was in high school and they don’t make it anymore. I also liked Sprite Remix, minus the berry one.

    • angelindispair

      Good Humor Toasted Almond best ice cream bar ever but sadly it is only sold in select stores despite the fact it is so much better than strawberry shortcake.

    • MarciaMarciaMarcia

      Where do I begin? I think I’ll start with the ones that hurt the most! First, the REAL “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific”! I was SO EXCITED to see this shampoo/conditioner was brought back to life about 2 years ago by a mail order company (I’m not saying which one). I ordered a set for myself and my sister. Then we were so deflated when we realized it wasn’t anything like the original…the smell is all wrong and the fragrance level is way too low! So depressing…

      Next I have to mention my fav hair product of all time. It was by Estee Lauder and it was called Azuree Herbal Creme Hair Pack. This stuff was so AWESOME! It came in a jar, and was very thick and rich and the fragrance was heavenly! First I washed my hair with the matching shampoo. Then I’d slather the pack on my hair and leave it on overnight, and wash it out in the morning. People always wanted to know what fragrance I was wearing, and it would last for days!. I miss it so much! It was discontinued in 1983. When I got that news, they had to call 911 because they had to resuscitate me…I can’t talk about it anymore….sob…

      My daughter really misses Neutrogena Lash Tint. She loved it! I also really miss all the products from Ultima II and Coty 24 lipstick.

      • Patricia Lee

        My favorite hair conditioner was also Azuree Herbal Pack Hair Conditioner. I just came across a jar that I had saved. No possibility of using it now as it’s hard and brown. How I wish it would come back.

    • Michele Vandiver