Do You Always Wear A Bra?

We checked out the Wacoal Bra Fitting this morning and determined our correct cup size again (it’s a 32B, just so our Twitter follower named ILoveBigBoobs knows. ILoveBigBoobs, we really think you’re following the wrong twitter). And the Wacoal bras are really pretty – we especially liked the BTempted line. But then they mentioned how great their strapless styles would be when we were wearing strapless dresses for the holidays and needed some support, and well, 1) it’s winter so we might not wear strapless dresses and 2) if we do, we will not be wearing anything under our strapless dresses.

Honestly, the only time I wear a bra is when I have a light colored shirt on. During the summer, when I’m wearing sundresses, I pretty much just don’t wear a bra ever. It’s not an I-am-Helen-Reddy-hear-me-roar thing, I just never find that there’s all that much point to it. I look pretty much exactly the same, and bras are sort of uncomfortable, so I generally just skip it.

I’ve always gone by the pencil test, which says that if you can put a pencil underneath your breasts and it stays up rather than falling to the floor, you should probably wear a bra. And I root for that pencil to fall. Which it does pretty much effortlessly. But then, I knew a girl in college who wore a wonderbra to bed and told me that since I wasn’t wearing one, my breasts were going to get saggy. Sag where, lady? There’s really just not that much to sag.

Maybe I’ll feel different about it as I grow older, but really, I’ve just never gotten into the whole bra-culture. But now everyone here is sort of feeling like a hippy because we don’t wear underwires under strapless dresses. Do you always wear a bra? Why? Seriously, why? (“Because I am someone ILoveBigBoobs should follow” is a valid answer.)

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    • Meg

      No,I wear a bra for “special” occasions & then its usually an over priced push-up bra, or maybe in the winter I’ll wear a bra for extra warmth…

    • Kelly

      Yes. Every single day. Wireless to bed.

      My chest is big and heavy so first of all, it is entirely uncomfortable to go without. But also because very few people in my life really need to see my nipples, or see my boobs swing free. They’re not saggy (I pass the pencil test, woo!) but the shape is different. It’s pretty obvious when someone isn’t wearing a bra. And I don’t want that to be the thing people are focusing on about me (because I know that when I’m talking to someone without a bra on in a public situation, it distracts even me).

    • bodo

      I’m male.

      Also, no.

    • Annie

      Nope. Bras are so lame. I wear them to work bc I would feel awkward not. And I agree with the extra warmth comment, in the winter. But at home, running errands and pretty much all summer long, bras are dead to me.

    • Missy

      i feel weird without one. I have been wearing an underwire bra since 4th grade. If I am wearing something that can support the girls without one, i will skip it, but that may be2-3 times a year.

    • Eileen

      I almost always wear a wired bra. Not when I’m sleeping or otherwise in pajamas, not if I’m working out and wearing a sports bra, and not if I’m wearing a dress with built-in cups, but I look significantly different if I’m not wearing a bra under anything that isn’t tight and structured (I waver between 34C and 34D, so maybe it’s just a size thing). I also don’t feel comfortable bouncing and flopping around – even if I’m properly dressed, I feel like I’m in my pajamas if I’m not wearing a bra.

      • Eileen

        Also, I just did the pencil test for the first time. The pencil fell. I do not have saggy boobs, yay, but they still bounce.

    • Tobi

      I have a C/D cup, so a bra is very necessarily.

    • Nicole

      I’m not wearing one right now! I like the shape a padded bra give me, but for whatever reason (probably because I’m flat-chested) the cups always have a way of peeking out of my shirt – so sometimes it just makes sense to forego. And, one of the perks of small boobs is that they’re always perky!

    • Brittany

      A size 32A is too big for me, so no, I don’t ever wear a bra.
      I’ve come to love my small breast, if only for that reason.

    • Lindsay Hartman

      Yes, because I am someone “ILoveBigBoobs” should follow. But before I had my daughter, it would really depend on my outfit. Now, it’s just not an option. Not that my boobs have gotten saggy, just that I’ve gone from a 32B to a 34DD.

    • Somnilee

      I wear a bra every day unless the outfit calls for there not to be one (the split front dress I have for an upcoming ball, for example), but never to bed.
      I may be scientifically wrong (hey, I haven’t done the math), but I hold by the mantra: Not enough support (not wearing a bra every day) = sag
      Giving your breasts too much support (wearing a bra to bed) = sag.

      And it works for me! Then again, I am only a 32C so could probably get away without, but I much prefer the shape a bra gives me, and the fact I don’t have to be on the alert for errant nipples!

    • Laura

      Yes. Always yes.

      The last time I was measured, I was a 42DD. I probably need to go in again, because my boobs are exceeding the capacity of all of my bras. It would be very noticeable if I didn’t wear a bra. I really don’t want them jiggling all over the place. And they do. Hell, I can’t even walk down the street in the wrong shirt (with a bra on) without people openly staring at my chest.

      So whenever I’m around people, or in public, I wear a bra. But they’re not the most comfortable things in the world, so if I’m at home, I go without.

      I’m not sure I’m done growing yet, either. I’m afraid of what might happen if I have kids.

    • non

      Always out of the house, almost never at home though. It feels sooo much better to not wear a bra!

    • pinkluck

      Yes. Always when out of the house.

      It may be a size thing, as a 36dd – if I didn’t wear a bra, everyone would know I didn’t.

      I’ve seen both small and large women without bras – it seems to be the thing now. But its always so distracting. In almost every woman’s magazine I read, I always read them saying, “yes ladies, wear a bra!” I’ve always wondered who these people were that it needs to be said in mass form. But more power to you!

    • amberwitch

      I never wear a bra unless I exercise, or in very rare instances, when my breasts are sore from hormonal fluctuations – does anybody else get sore breast in connection to menstruating once in a blue moon?
      I don’t like the feeling of wearing a bra. It itches and is in general annoying.
      My breasts are about a 38B (European sizes) and don’t need any shaping or lifting.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      During the day, always. I never wear one to bed, though.

    • Mackenzie

      Always always always. I’m a 36DD it would just be awkward, for me and everyone else, if I didn’t wear a bra. I even wear a sports bra to bed/around the house.

    • E.D.

      I wear an underwire basically all the time (36C). My mother has a large chest (probably at least an F after five kids) and beat it into us that we needed to wear one all the time.

      I’m comfortable enough in most bras to sleep in them, but I’ve had a hard time finding plain, seamless underwires and started buying the “lined” (padded) ones. Those, I have to take off at night.

    • Rose

      I had shingles this summer, which was awful in and of itself, but made doubly awful by the fact that the position of the blisters on my back made it impossible to wear a bra. I shortly discovered that my size (32DD), shape and nipple placement made going braless basically pornographic. It was summer, so bulky sweaters and vests were out, so I got one of those “nu-bra”‘s that are self-adhesive and backless. I wore it every day under a close fitting camisole, and still felt like I was bouncing my way down the hallways at the office. It’s quite clear that in a professional setting, I have to wear a bra. However, the second I get home, it’s off! And wearing a bra to bed is just sick and wrong unless you’re filming a movie that’s trying to be PG13…

    • Lo

      As a constant bra-wearer (except in bed), I have to say that the Wacoal calculator is insanely misleading. I came out as a 32D, and my current correct size is a 30F, FF or G depending on the bra. It took a lot of research to find this out – please, everyone, don’t assume that DD is a gigantic cup size. It’s all relative to the back size. The traditional adding-four-or-five-inches to the back measurement is rubbish, too; it’s too much, and it just brings everyone into a narrower range.

      If your boobs are squeezing out of the cups at all, if the band of the bra is not parallel all the way round, if you can fit a whole watermelon between the band and your body: have another go. Check that the band feels secure and doesn’t ride up at the back, that the cups contain your boobs with no bulging or wrinkling, and that the shoulder straps aren’t taking most of the weight (that’s the band’s job).

      • cotton

        did you have to get fitted at a store? I’m a 32 E or F or DDD depending on bra and sometimes my boob comes out of the cup (just a little) but the next cup up causes the strap to take on all the weight. Do your bras fit perfectly? Sorry to be so nosy I just rarely hear of other women with a smaller measurement and big cups.

      • Lo

        After several shots in the dark, I did eventually get fitted at Bravissimo*, whose staff really knew what they were doing. I’d be wary of using stores that don’t stock cup sizes above DD as a matter of course.

        The last round of bras I bought are getting old now, and breast volume is subject to weight loss/gain, hormones, wind direction, elves etc, but mine do meet all the requirements. (It’s worth repeating that sizing can differ between individual bras, not just manufacturers — I have an F and an FF from the same company. Lots of trial and error).

        If you find that going up a cup size puts all the weight on the straps, it might be worth going down a back size and up a cup size or two. I suspect that lots of people wear back sizes too large because manufacturers don’t make anything smaller.

        I don’t think you’re being nosy at all, btw. I can soapbox about this stuff for hours — I wish I’d known about it right from my first bra.

        * I don’t know if they exist outside the UK, but their website’s pretty handy for DIY size-checking.

      • cotton

        I hope this isn’t posting twice.
        Thanks for the information Lo. It convinced me to get fitted properly and the advice about going down a back size and up a cup size never occurred to me. my back and shoulders have been killing me so hope this helps. Thanks again.

    • Keisha

      34DDD means I can’t not wear one. I don’t wear one to bed though but sometimes I regret it when I run down the stairs to use the bathroom.
      There are no outfits in my life that require no bra because that just cant happen.

    • nerdypaws

      I hadn’t until recently. I’m flat. Flat like have at times passed for a14 year old boy flat.

      But now that someone had to actually make me go get one, I wear them all the time for two reasons. 1. they insulate heat and I’m always cold. 2. I’m terrified of nipplage. It makes me very, very self conscious.

      If I’m home and no one will see me, then I won’t. I can’t say it’s that much more comfortable to be without. (Seriously, as a boy flat.)

      • Mary

        Ditto on the nipplage. I feel like it attracts attention I do not want.

    • Mary

      I always wear a bra outside the house but never to bed (unless it’s a mid-day nap). I’m about 36C, 36C, 36D and there’s a definite difference in shape and bounce if I don’t wear a bra. I also feel self-conscious about going without a bra in communal living situations (college dorms, etc.) even if I’m wearing a big T-shirt or nightie. I usually wear bras underneath camisoles, even if they have a shelf bra or cups built in, and I wear bras under sundresses- strapless or regular.

    • Sara

      I always wear a bra (34 B or C) with the very few exceptions of strapless dresses or tops that a bra just won’t do. Plus, I have been unable to find a strapless bra that works! But I always wear my underwire- I don’t like the feeling of not wearing a bra.

    • Michelle

      I’m a 38D. If I don’t wear a bra, and I choose to walk, it’s a real party happening under my chin. I prefer men to look me in the eye (except when I don’t!). Also, having a good-sized chest, it’s pretty noticeable in shape when I don’t where a bra. Oh yes, you can tell. And I prefer my colleagues not see me nip out: Seattle is chilly and nipping out a certainty.

    • Esther

      I have a DD and I must wear a bra or I’m feeling really uncomfortable even at home. They’re saggy and all that, I haven’t tried out the pencil test but I guess it will stay in between.

    • Teenie

      as a 30-32B, i wear frequently, but more to shape my boobs than for any other reason. since leaving my ex a few years back, who thought i should get some implants, i’ve started to actually like my boob size/shape more and more, so over the last year i started wearing bras less and less.

    • Mary

      Yes, but not to bed. I’m a 36D and without a bra I’m sore and saggy and far too bouncy. I love strapless dresses, but going braless is just not an option.

    • Gemma

      I always wear one, even to bed sometimes. Iam a 36 a/b and I dislike the jiggly no-bra feeling

    • Wendy Baker

      i always wear a bra to bed it makes me feel sexy and comfortable . Keeps your boobs in shape so i always come out with the perfect boobs ,