Poll: How Do You Groom Your Eyebrows?

via Rosy Skincare

The Frisky posted a poll asking its readers what was their favorite method of hair removal for eyebrows.  I was surprised to see that most people (55.24%) only pluck, while 16.9% wax and 11.67% thread.

Now, I’m not trying to sell any spa packages here, but I feel an obligation to espouse my love for eyebrow threading.  I started getting my eyebrows waxed in middle school, and constantly dealt with the redness, pain, and even occasionally ripped-off skin that can come with waxing sensitive skin.  My friends all waxed too and many suffered their skin being ripped off, and had to walk around school with open wounds above and below their eyebrows (it was really attractive).  We thought there was no other way, lest we remain bushy-browed, which was not happening.

One day, I accompanied a friend to an Indian spa and experienced threading.  It hurt way less than waxing, and about the same pain level as plucking.  Another great thing about threading is the person doing it has way more control over the shape than with waxing, so your eyebrows come out looking evenly arched, as opposed to two brows looking different, which can happen with waxing.  I only need my eyebrows threaded every 4-8 weeks, and pluck occasionally in between.  Also, every place I’ve gone to only charges $10-$12 for eyebrow threading.

I love threading and will never go back to waxing.  Although I’ve only had positive results (with the exception of the threader’s spit getting on your face, which can unfortunately happen) I’ve heard of people getting staph infections (because the person threading you has to put the thread in his/her mouth) and other negative results from threading.  I’m wondering:

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    • Stephanie

      I’m amazed at people who don’t do anything to their eyebrows. My mom is one of those people. Her eyebrows just don’t grow. I’ve been getting my eyebrows threaded since my senior year of college so about 6 years now. I love it and I wouldn’t go back to waxing. My brows are naturally thick and bushy and threading helps maintain the shape better than waxing.

    • Kelly

      I tweeze underneath, wax above (I do the wax myself with pre-cut cold wax strips). I like the idea of threading or waxing but I got my brows waxed once and I just couldn’t stand the growing-out period. I want to be able to clean things up any time I see fit.

      • Rose

        Giant Ditto Kelly. I never could bring myself to stick to a waxing regimen because of the grow-out necessity. Like I’m really going to walk around with stubbly eyebrows? Heck no, hand me the tweezers.

      • Hannah Rose Siegel

        Definitely agree about the growing-out period with waxing. What I like about threading is there is no growing-out period; the thread removes even the shortest of hairs.

    • Kelly

      (just to clarify, I also hate the growing-out period above my brows, but I’ve fucked up the shape too many times by using a tweezer above, so it’s worth it to be to look a little shaggy up there if it means my brows don’t get totally ruined)

    • Eileen

      I’ve never done anything to my eyebrows. They’re the one part of my body I’ve never contemplated changing, even for a moment. I’d probably pluck them if I didn’t like the shape, though – can’t imagine waxing anything on my face.

    • Carla

      Electrolysis! Luckily I have a wonderful practitioner who doesn’t want me to end up with a too-skinny eyebrow, so she doesn’t take a lot at one time, just stragglers mainly. She says don’t pluck, wax or thread in between appts. because it distorts the hair follicle and makes it more difficult to electrolyse. So I take tiny manicure scissors and cut really bad strays as close as I can.

    • Wangari ndungu

      I am a beautician and i love threading more than any other posible method.i advice my clients on the merits and demerits of eabh method and leave them to decide bt threading is even more hygenical than all.

    • Patch

      THREADING!! it’s the best. but my threader lives five hours away (I live in New Zealand… there aren’t many down this way) so I’m forced to pluck in between. ahhh threading, my one true love.