Fashion Disasters: Ke$ha

Dear Ke$ha, I like your boots.


Look, Ke$ha, this is hard for me because 1) you’re not dressed like this because you sincerely think you look good or believe sane people who don’t hate eyeballs should dress this way, you’re doing this for attention and thus I’m now a participant in your sick, obvious game 2) I’m trying to be nicer and 3) writing this requires me to actually spell out a name with a fucking dollar sign in it.

But Ke$ha, I could feed a sea lion with an upset stomach two powdery vats of rancid Fun Dip washed down with raw eel chunks and knotted fishing line, and then lie down and let that poor sea lion vomit all over my person… and the results would still be cuter because I’d know that posing with your middle finger up is for stupid teenagers.

[Photo via Wenn]

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    • bodo

      she shall go diaf, uffie ‘s where it’s at

      if you are into electro w/ girls that can’t sing

    • Eileen

      If you cut the picture off at the neck, I would find it fun. I actually blame the boots ;-)

      I love Ke$ha, though. I always find she comes off as very articulate and intelligent in her interviews.

    • Laura

      I kind of hate that I’m responding to this post. Because I’m doing exactly what she wants me to do.

      I kind of dressed like this once. When I was twelve, and trying to shock my parents.

      I can respect people with tastes in music different from my own, but her music is just bad. And no one who dresses like she does, makes music like hers, or acts the way she does is doing anything but look for attention.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      I don’t see the “disaster” here. I wore this the night before she did.

    • awesomeness within

      I am going to be her for halloween!?!$!?$!?$2013