Gallery: 10 Most Unromantic Movies of All Time

I recently saw Get Him to the Greek. I really only saw it because every single one of my friends had seen it and convinced me I was a terrible person for still never having seen the “greatest movie of all time.” They were wrong.

I hate you, friends. Thanks for influencing me to watch the most unromantic, not funny movie of my life. Although, some would disagree and would say it’s a very romantic movie because it teaches us that some men can overcome their horribly drug-addictive friends and still remain faithful to their partners and all that other gushy stuff. And yet, it’s not on Yahoo’s list of the most romantic movies of all time, so I’m probably still right that it is definitely not a date-worthy movie. Here are some other movies you probably shouldn’t see on a date.

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    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      I’m the moron who took my boyfriend to see Revolutionary Road… on our 1 year anniversary.

      • Kaylaandrena

        Ha! That would be a horrible date movie! I bet he loved it.

    • nerdypaws

      I loved Bride Wars, even if it did pivot on people in your life being manipulative soul crushers. It’s just like being home. Sigh.

      Also, most unromantic romantic movie for me is still ‘While you were sleeping.’ A heartwarming tale about stalking someone you pass almost daily to the hospital where they lie in a coma, convincing their brother that you 1. are in love with the coma patient and 2. you are also in love with him and then convincing the Recovered Coma patient that you are in love with him then dumping the Recovered Coma when you realize the brother is just better. AKA It’s okay to be awful to distressed people if it’s because you’re crushing on someone.

    • Eileen

      I actually thought that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston were the best couple in “He’s Just Not That Into You” because they actually talked to each other about their concerns with their relationship instead of silently fuming. I’m mentioning this only because you pictured them instead of one of the other appalling couples.

    • G

      I agree about the notebook, but that wasn’t Alzheimer’s, it was dementia of a different type. Similar symptoms, but the remembering can happen sporadically in other forms of dementia.

    • Jennifer

      Aw but they’re romantic carnies! …gobble gobble?

    • Sarah

      I’m going to totally disagree with you on The Notebook.

      1. That is how people lived in the South during the 40′s and still to some extent today.
      2. The point of the movie wasn’t “hey, this is what the ’40′s were like, everybody!”
      3. That house was awesome and adorable.

      Maybe I’m too girly, but that movie makes me cry every single time. It’s extremely romantic…just not in a very realistic way.

    • Faye

      the notebook is totally stupid but i would fuck ryan gosling’s brains out

    • lotusflwr

      The Notebook movie was crap compared to the book. The book was pretty good, but the movie was a total letdown. Blah.

    • Outshined

      Hold up, are we using Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston as the example of settling in that movie? Because all she wanted was to get married but ignored the fact that her partner, although not the marrying kind, was devoted to her and her family? Nonsense.

    • Shelley

      My then boyfriend, now husband, rented Beautiful Life for us to watch on a date. He thought it was a romantic italian comedy. Because nothing says ‘love’ or ‘funny’ like the holocaust.