Do You Have An Unconventional Engagement Story?

via Popeater

Popeater just posted a story about the way in which Seth Rogen proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Miller.  He told Conan O’ Brien that “despite his romantic intentions, he ended up popping the question to his girlfriend when she was topless in the bedroom.  Seth said, ”She was in our closet, changing, and she was literally only in her underpants. I had already kind of started [to propose]. … I didn’t picture it like this, and I know she didn’t picture it like this.”

I think this story is really sweet and definitely emblematic of Rogen’s unconventional, somewhat bumbling, well-intentioned style.  I can picture him so nervous that he just kept going, trying to get the words out, even though his girlfriend was in the middle of getting dressed.  I also think this is an incredibly likely and realistic story.  I wonder how many sweet and romantic proposal stories we’ve heard, actually have embarrassing or salacious details left out.  Not many people are like Rogen, who would openly share that detail of his proposal story.  I wonder when couples tell the story of their engagement to their grandchildren, how much of the story has actually been changed.

Do you know of any unconventional/embarrassing/funny/unsavory/salacious engagement stories?   Or any “normal” engagement stories that you suspect have had details left out?

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    • Corporate Tool

      I was blind drunk, he was trying to be sweet and tell me all the reasons why he loved me. I misunderstood and kept trying to initiate sex.

    • Mads

      I remember asking my mother how dad proposed to her, and she said “Oh, he didn’t really propose, we just sort of both decided to get married.”
      Most disappointing response ever!

    • S

      I had been really sick with food poisoning for the entire day. At one point I stumbled out of the bathroom and plopped into bed and my boyfriend came into the bedroom crying. I immediately thought his mother must have died because in our 5 years together I had never seen him cry and it was the only reason that I could think of. He knelt next to the bed, took my hand and told me how much he loved his life and how happy he was and that he wanted to marry me. I got emotional as well and said yes, and shortly after ran back into the bathroom to be sick again. Not the most romantic proposal, but certainly honest and heartfelt.

    • Rose

      As a chick-flick addict in high school, I asked my mom and dad their engagement story, expecting something fantastically romantic. Turns out he popped the question during a commercial break while they were watching Matlock together. While at first I was disappointed, I now find it hilarious. It’s a favourite family story, and my parents ended up giving my brother and his (now) wife the first season of Matlock on DVD as an engagement present.

    • ALS

      My husband almost lost my engagement ring in a lake. We were in a paddle boat and I got us stuck and he had to get out and push. The entire time he was worried about the ring falling out of his pocket while he moved the boat.