Gallery: 10 Best Break-Up Foods

Often, when we go through a break-up, all we want to do is sit and stuff our face full of everything that we’ve ever denied ourselves, to prove that no matter what that fuckface did, food will always love us if only we can let that love in.

So what to insert directly into your mouth to choke back the sobs? Here are some suggestions:

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    • Lindsay Hartman

      Actually… any emotional time in my life is a good time to say f* you, I’m eating french fries.

    • Lorraine

      I am now consumed with finding this elusive bacon donut!!

      • Lilit Marcus

        They serve them at this restaurant:

        My pork-eating friends assure me that the donuts are, in fact, delicious.

    • Bethanyui

      I don’t eat after a breakup. I just gorge myself on apple juice.