Gallery: How To Be AWESOME On A Date

There’s been a lot of talk about this picture series from 1938 showing women how to behave on dates. Basically, it shows a woman who is supposed to be behaving badly, and there are captions like “don’t talk while dancing! When a man wants to dance he wants to dance” and “any open display of affection is usually in poor taste and will embarrass him.” We’re confused, because these pictures show a woman being awesome on a date. So we’ve inserted the correct captions below:

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    • Cori

      I’m just confused.

    • Faye

      i almost choked on my dinner laughing at this. thank you so much.

    • Allison

      HAHA Cori must not have a sense of humor. This is hilarious! I love vintage photos like this, and this slideshow offers a hilarious take on old fashion etiquette.

    • Marissa

      This is sooo awesome! I love it. This Christian college by my old office used to have book sales, and there were all sorts of books about how to get married. They were hilarious, except also kinda sad.

      On ways to avoid premarital relations:

      “Ask your doctor for a mild tranquilizer…to be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

      “Hard work and exercise are excellent ways to help curb passion. Go swimming, play tennis, get out your bicycle, or move furniture around the living room.”

      Get your bicycle out indeed.

    • Jamie

      I. Fucking. Love. You. For. This.

    • Karen

      How am I just seeing this? I am right now being an awesome date my rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. Men love that.

    • sheherbano

      “Sometimes a lady sees a funny roly-poly man in a bow-tie who catches her fancy…”

      will you marry me?

    • Samantha Escobar