10 Best Fictional Beauty Products

Sometimes, beauty products just aren’t enough. For those of us who love smearing gook on our faces or in our hair, these fake products from movies and TV shows inspire us to think of how beauty could grow into the future. And, really, who doesn’t want to smell like the beach?

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    • Lily

      I’m weird cuz I wonder about this stuff but: Do you think they had dharma-branded tampons? They were on that island for an awfully long time.
      Also, razors. If I were fighting for my life on a scary island, I don’t think I’d be as fastidious about underarm hair-removal as the Lost-women obviously were.

    • Mina Kiraly

      Not mentioned here but I would dozens of bars of Ogilvy Sisters soap.

    • jen

      I forget the movie, but I remember one scene where a woman just taps her fingernails with a wand, and the polish changes to a new color.

      • LEX