Grrr Friend: The Sleep Study

Ever wondered what you say in your sleep? If you’re Meredith, rest assured that your boyfriend will tell not only you but the whole world. In comic form.

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    • RumbleFiche

      who doesn’t want nice pitches?

    • johnnycomelately

      Hmm, not sure if my post went through. This comic needs an audio track, dude.


    • Bianca

      I just laughed out loud for about 60 seconds. This is cute. I talk in my sleep too, and sometimes it wakes me up and I hear myself and I’m just like “what the fuck am I talking about?’

    • DisgustingSlob

      What with all that is going on in the world how can Ben make fun of the plight of woman so close to the high holy days? Come off it…we know what you are really trying to say with the things that your girlfriend didn’t say. SHAKEweight!