Guess Which State Is Skinniest?

It’s not New York, despite what New Yorkers would have you believe.

It’s Colorado!

And it’s because everyone in Colorado lives like a cowboy, riding horses all day and eating lean meat and just doing tons and tons of heroin.

I might have made that up, actually. But I didn’t make up this CalorieLab study that rated the states on their level of obesity.

And Mississippi won! Go Mississippi! Let’s take a brisk walk to celebrate. No? Oh, okay, let’s eat some cherpumple.

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    • kjon

      Well for us Coloradans, what keeps up the leanest couldn’t possibly be the abundance of healthy food and outdoor activities, its the meth. Obviously.

    • lotusflwr

      Alarming how high those numbers are, even for the leaner states. With as many serious (AND PREVENTABLE!) health conditions that occur as you get into the obese BMI range? Things are not looking good, and I’m not just talking about XXL elastic-waist jeans :|