10 Actresses We Want to Ban From Magazine Covers Forever

When you walk into a grocery store or bookstore and look at the magazine rack, what do you see? If you’re in the “women’s interest” aisle, probably a lot of the same celebrity faces over and over again. While these women are beautiful and often stylish, it’s getting tiresome seeing the same few women on magazine covers every single month, especially if the women haven’t done any projects recently and don’t have anything new or interesting to say in their interviews. Here, we’ve chosen ten of the worst offenders.

Next week – we’ll share our picks for some celebrities we think should replace these stars on their endless mag covers.

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    • Missy

      I was never a fan of Julia Stiles until her role in Dexter this season. Loving her.

    • lotusflwr

      Agree on all counts. Especially Jennifer Aniston — ughhhhhhhhh I have never liked her ever.

      I also wish all those hokey grandma magazines would stop putting Marie Osmond on their covers. “I got fat AGAIN but I lost it all AGAIN by eating xyz!” Gah.

      • Meg

        omg thank you!

    • Kat

      I’m also fed up with Hilary Swank. Not as a person, but it’s not like she’s done much lately, and she STILL lands magazine covers.

    • Bukola

      Sienna Miller should be on this list. She hasn’t done anything recently has she?

    • Thea

      kate bosworth = ew.
      kate bosworth+alexander skarsgard = publicity stunt
      ANY pap photos of kate bosworth = staged.

      alexander skarsgard = too good for her+hot.

    • sophie

      there is nothing wrong with lauren condrad, don’t you dare say shit about her!

    • claire

      Aww Julia Stiles has done some stuff. She was in the Bourne movies, and she did a good job in Mona Lisa Smile. I think there are worse people out there then her and Kirsten Dunst. They seem more legit than the others anyway

    • Nicole

      l co-sign on that Julia Stiles Cosmo cover. I looked at it like, “Oh, does she have a movie coming out? Oh, even if she did she not nearly hot or relevant enough to be on a Cosmo cover–despite the fact that Cosmo is neither hot or relevant.”

    • S

      I love that the Aniston cover just says “Jennifer Aniston”. No little blurb about her interview or style, just a stamp of her name. I guess even the glossies are accepting the fact there is nothing promotable there….

    • justin bowers


    • Don

      Give Julia Stiles a break. Her world wide box office is 1.6 Billion. It is not her fault if you can’t remember anything. Besides, this article of yours is not based on facts, it is about your feelings. And sweetheart, I think you are feeling jealous.