Video: American Women are Lazy Daters

An online dating site, Badoo, recently published a survey that found American women are the second worst daters in the world. To confirm these findings, The Alyona Show surveyed random people on the street and found that some women simply find it easier for the guys to approach them. Dating’s scary, man. Flirting with people you don’t know is torture. But I guess that makes you a bad flirter and not just a scared-to-flirt flirter. The Gloss’s editor-in-chief, Lilit Marcus, was featured on the show and broke down the difference between bad at flirting and just not willing to flirt.

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    • nerdypaws

      Incredibly impressed with the interview! Talk about keeping cool. I could have gone without hearing how much Women Suck. It’s suddenly wrong to be selective? If it is, the quality of men in bars should go up a little.

      Also, that first guy who was talking… There is a reason why women don’t hit on him. It’s him. He’s a slob and a jerk.

    • Slob and A Jerk

      Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!!! Women are never wrong. This generation of women are indeed “” Lazy daters”" just look around and see for yourself. Results dont lie!!!