Gallery: 7 People You Will Meet at the Gym

Today, while leaving the gym, it dawned on me that in every gym in every city to which I’ve ever belonged, I always see the same people over and over again. And they see me.

So I decided to catalog them, for your viewing pleasure:

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    • cozy robot

      We had some favorites:
      Zoomin’ Granny Weight Slammer
      Too Short Shorts Guy
      Too White White Guy
      Count Out Loud Guy
      Frowny Serious Girl
      Sloppy Sweats

      So we fought back and became:
      Kissy Gym Couple

      • Ellen W.

        I am the Frowny Serious Girl! I was so excited to not be on the list and then you nailed me!

        I think it’s funny because I’m smiling when I come in the gym, change into and out of my shoes and as I’m leaving the gym, it’s just for the 20 minutes or so I’m actually climbing that I look like a fussy baby.

    • bodo

      Too White White Guy? GTL no thanks

    • cozy robot

      Too White White- Bizarre expressionless fellow. Alarmingly pale, and he wore only bleached out white shorts and sleeveless white shirts. Looked like a sad ghost.