Do You Care If Your Bikini Waxer Talks To You?

Because Rihanna does. She recently told the Daily Express:

“I went to this wax salon and she recognised me before I took my clothes off and I think she couldn’t wait until we were alone and she could ask for an autograph or a picture or something. So I’m lying there and in pain… Every time time I get a wax I specify the lady is old and speaks Russian and no English and she was a 25 year old American and she was basically like, ‘I know who you are, you’re Rihanna!’ I was like ‘Awkward!’

Okay, that does sound awkward, but better than, say, those bikini waxers who yell at your for being lax in keeping your bikini line perfect. Because then you’re half naked, lying there awkwardly, and being yelled at instead of being complimented (and that happens all the time). Maybe in an ideal world all bikini waxers would be mutes, but we think that might make us feel more awkward than anything. I guess all I really want is a little chit-chat about weather, and then nothing. Do you like to talk with your waxer? Or are you getting a non-English speaking Russian lady, like Rhinana?

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    • Nicole

      i once lost a lot of weight. And then I gained it bak. And after my waxer noticed the weight gain, she was all (insert chinese accent): “You too skinny before. Now you sexy. My sister (Ruby, who had also waxed me befor) says you have nice (insert gesticular motion implying ass). I felt violated, though somewhat flattered.

    • caitlin

      Yeah, I love that the waxers where I go talk to me the whole time. The don’t really reprimand me about upkeep, more so just a reminder. But whenever I go, my waxer and I always talk about everything that’s going on in our lives, and I feel like I’m leaving the spa with a new friend (albeit one that has seen my bits, lol)