What’s Your Dream Job?

I went to see Morning Glory this weekend, which I actually really liked, despite the fact that their show was called Daybreakers and no surly fedora wearing vampires were involved, unless you are blind and confused and count Harrison Ford. I was bopping along thinking, ‘wow, Rachel McAdams is really good at her job, Go Rachel McAdams! Go! I forgive you for the Notebook! I forgive you!” And then, I guess because she was good at her job vampire Harrison Ford decided he needed to give her a little talk. You know how that talk goes. It goes like this:

Kid, you love your job. You’d sleep at the office if you could. Let me tell you how it all turns out. This is how it all turns out. You end up with nothing. You end up all alone. I don’t see my grand-kid.  

Of course he gives this talk to Rachel McAdams and not Jeff Goldblum (you know how loving his job works out for him? He gets to have consequence free affairs and jog a lot). Fuck that noise. It is AWESOME if you love your job so much you want to sleep at your office. You know what the common factor of most happy people is? They love their jobs. Did I make up that statistic? Yes, I did. But why not? You should love your job. You spend at least 8 hours a day doing it. Let’s play a game. I’m going to name some people, you tell me their romantic relationships:

Dorothy Parker

Diana Vreeland

Edith Wharton

Walter Winchell

In conclusion, those are the only historical people I feel I have a close personal friendship with. Can you name any of their romantic statuses? I can. (DP hearts Robert Benchley 4ever). But most people probably can’t. Did they end up with nothing? No. They ended up leaving fantastic legacies in their wake, and they’re inspirations forever. Their romantic relationships aren’t all that important.  

To hell with “you end up with nothing.” How about about “you’ll end up immortal! Like me, vampire Harrison Ford!” I think that should be the new speech.

Now. What job is going to make you want to sleep in your office? I hope it’s the current one. My personal back-up plan was always being the person who drives around in the golf cart collecting the Disney Princesses who collapse from heatstroke. Dibs on that.

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    • Shelley

      I have my dream job and I would totally sleep in the kitchen on the floor at night clutching a lamb chop and a handful of chevre with a smear of pumpkin custard on my mouth, twitching, ever so gently, from sugar overload. In a puddle of wine. Mmmmm puddle of wine……

      • nolalola27

        Hell yes sister. The restaurant business is the best. I LOVE working in it. I love the relationships with not only my coworkers but OTHER service industry folks. We’re like one big crazy army of people who stay up late and work our asses off. I LOVE MY JOB.

    • Megan

      If you can’t have your dream job–for whatever reason; mine’s in Utah and we can’t afford the move–then you should at least have a dream volunteer stint.

      I can’t spend my days taking care of the rescue cats at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary full-time (yes, it’s a job, and yes–full benefits!), so I spend my Friday evenings taking care of the kitties at my local shelter. is it as good as the job? Maybe, maybe not, but at least I do something I love that gets me through the week.

      And yes, I’d sleep there. With the cats.

      • Christina

        makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I am not being sarcastic
        I think I’m going to look up my local shelter

    • Rebecca

      I’m still in school. But I’m going to have my dream job when I graduate! I’m going to be a writer, because nothing makes me happier than words on a page or sitting up late at night, the only sound the clicking of my keyboard.

      I really enjoyed this post!

    • nolalola27

      My fiance & I work very different schedules so time together is limited, but since we both love our jobs, we get to actually enjoy the time together we have. Before, we had the exact same schedule together, but hated our jobs. So we fought or barely spoke after work, and the only time we actually enjoyed our time together was on Sundays when we had the whole day off together. Now we’re both happy, we can actually focus on each other and we’re not just going through the motions before bed each night. It’s lovely.

    • Michelle

      I have it: I work as an underpaid, deliriously happy editor for the tiniest publishing house ever, right in the heart of Seattle.

      I work from home, I grump about submitters who don’t follow guidelines, and then I get to give my literary opinions to writers who have no choice but to listen. I go through red pens like some people go through packs of cigarettes.

      I could do this job every day, all day, for the rest of my life. I only hope that, one day, I’ll find an iteration of this current job that pays me twice as much. Then I’d be both happy and dressed/fed well.