10 Celebrities We Think Should Be On The Cover Of More Magazines

Last week, we complained about certain celebrities who dominate magazine covers despite their lack of relevancy. So, since we’ve already said who we don’t want on magazine covers, here’s a list of who we would like to see. What’s the difference? It’s not only who is current and relevant – it’s about getting away from a sea of similar-looking white, blonde, thin women and embracing a whole range of definitions of the word beauty.

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    • Durward Kirby

      Uh, the point is to sell magazines, not cure hiccups.

    • Kat

      I’d love to see more of Liu Wen. Elizabeth Moss, and Zoe Saldana!

    • Sara

      Beth Ditto did a magazine cover once. She was naked. While I believe that larger woman are attractive, obesity is never sexy and it’s not something the general public needs to see. Just like stick thin models are nauseating, so is she.

      • Chickalupe

        Dear Sara,

        My first reaction to your comment was sheer anger, and I very nearly said something quite nasty to you, but I controlled myself and instead am going to attempt to reply in a civil way. So, while I believe you have the right to your opinion, I must respectfully disagree. I found your remarks very upsetting; as I really think the word “nauseating” is quite an offensive descriptor for any woman, regardless of her appearance. Beth Ditto is actually a personal hero of mine for both her spirit and her size, and I think the naked pictures of her were awesome as well as sexy. As a member of the ‘general public,’ please don’t claim to speak for me, or tell me what I “need to see”.


    • Chickalupe

      Lilit, thanks for including Beth Ditto in this lineup! It is definitely appreciated by some of us. ;)

    • Mads

      I think what makes these women so appealing is the fact that they aren’t plastered all over magazines. I’d much rather it stay that way, especially if it means their careers wont be compromised for the sake of being a Drew Barrymore/Mischa Barton-esque cover whore.

    • Bianca

      Sure, let’s reward women for making their own projects, but that’s not to say women who “just” appear in someone elses are any less deserving. Acting is a skill completely separate to directing.
      (I must admit, the reason I’m taking offence to this is because I’m an actress, and by no means do I ever think I could be a director! I do however believe I am very talented at what I do!)

      • Lilit Marcus

        Bianca, you make a good point. That probably was unfair. I think it’s because the actresses I listed in the “10 people we’re sick of seeing” post are ones who are better known for their looks and personal lives than for any of their acting work. If we’re going to celebrate actresses I hope it’s more like Tilda Swinton, who chooses unusual, daring projects where she does more than just play someone’s girlfriend.

    • Ellen W.

      I think Sara’s post illustrates the problem with how they pick who goes on the cover of magazines- they go for what society pretends is universally sexually attractive.

      Beth Ditto is an excellent example. I love seeing what she’s wearing and how she’s done her hair and makeup. She also has a really vibrant presence when she’s photographed. (Unlike poor Zoe Saldana who looks exhausted in that picture.) Same with Tilda Swinton. Neither of them is conventionally considered sexually attractive, but they’re almost always worth looking at.

      PS- Congratulations Gloss! As Durward’s post proves, you’ve gotten famous enough to draw internet assholes.