Poll: How Do You Feel About Fur?

Here’s Mary Kate and Ashley at the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in New York last night. As you can see, they’re both wearing fur. These two have been targeted by animal rights organizations–PETA famously dubbed them the Trollsens–and have taken a lot of flak over the years. So here we go, an always controversial question: do you think of fur as a remarkable luxury or an abject evil?

(Oh, and how do you feel about faux fur?)

[Photo via People]

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    • Jillian

      I said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s survival of the fittest. If animals needed to keep warm, I’m sure they’d wrap themselves in our skin. Hope that creates a warm fuzzy picture for you right before lunch.

      • heavy snatch

        Wow, are you actually this dumb? Animals already have fur specifically because they need to keep warm.

      • Beth

        I would agree with this if you were talking about some eskimo living in harsh conditions in an igloo, and he killed one animal and used its fur to keep warm for years. Believe it or not though, when Lindsay Lohan spends $10,000 on a Fendi fur coat, it’s not to keep warm.

      • alice^levin

        yeah maybe they will wrap themselves with our skin…
        if its their last chance to survive!
        i dont see people actually die because they have no fur coat !!!

      • Lily

        They can’t help the way they’re treated. This isn’t nature, it would have been if those women would hunt for their fur by themselves. SO IT IS CRIMINAL.

      • Mark


        35% of the voters are vegan (no animal products of any kind for me)
        In reality, vegans only make up 0.2% of the population (yes, less than 0.5%)
        I hardly think this is a representative poll seeing it has been posted all over vegan forums.

        Out of 10,000 people surveyed, 4% were vegetarian. Of those vegetarians 5% were vegan. Therefore 0.2% are vegan.

    • Magstar

      Maybe back in the day (think way back) humans used fur to keep warm but now it’s nothing more than a vain and vicious luxury. I don’t begrudge people wearing what they want but it’s just not necessary today. I kind of equate fur coat wearers with Humvee drivers; arseholes. Granted, I’m certainly not supportive of anyone throwing paint or public shaming. I’ve never looked it up but I’m curious what PETA and other anti-furriers would have us do with all the furs that are currently used as clothing. Anyone?

    • porkchop

      What I have to say about fur is, thank God I’m not rich. I can sit on my high horse and proclaim that furs are evil and wrong (they are), while not having to face the temptation.

      • dom

        but i’m guessing you still eat meat or wear some sort of leather product, so get off that high horse now. sorry.

        (and if you’re vegan. then i’m sorry for generalising and assuming you aren’t)

    • Somnilee

      I’m nowhere near rich enough to own any kind of fur.
      That said, a girl in my campus dorms last year bought a real fur hat and encouraged everyone to stroke it – it felt like a dog. Like stroking a real, not exactly living, dog.
      That was enough to put me off, plus it looked bloody ridiculous.

    • Emily

      I have no problem with fur. I have leather accessories, and to be anti-fur while carrying a leather satchel (and I, sadly, know many people who are) would just be hypocritical.


      • A

        While I do not own leather products because I do believe its hypocritical, I have to disagree with your reasoning. There is a big difference between wearing leather shoes from a cow who was slaughtered for meat and other consumption versus wearing a fur jacket from an animal who is discarded after the fur is removed. Not only is it cruel, its incredible wasteful and senseless.

    • Kaylaandrena

      My aversion to fur has nothing to do with the belief that killing animals is wrong. I love meat, and have a lot of leather products, but for some reason I find furs creepy. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think I would ever wear a fur, nor would I judge someone else for enjoying real fur.

    • Ally

      It depends on the fur. Not in a “ooh, that’s too cute to NOT wear!” kind of way, but as in, if it’s a vintage fur – one that has already existed for decades – I don’t see the problem. If it’s already there, what’s the point in not wearing it?
      Modern furs, however, I woudln’t go near. Including real fur in a modern design is not on.

      • jennifer

        I’ve always been adamantly against fur for fashion, but i recently bought a vintage coat from Goodwill that has a fur collar, and I’m still trying to justify buying it to myself. Even though it was made in the 40′s, it still gives me the heebie-jeebies, and a fair amount of guilt.

    • Jamie

      Two words: anal. Electrocution. Fashion is an even more frivolous reason than flavor to confine/torture/kill animals. I just ordered a nice warm fur/down-free coat off VauteCouture.com, and plan to snuggle into it all winter.

    • Maria

      I don’t wear fur because it would make me feel too much like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Gross.

    • Rose

      Cruel and unnecessary extravagance. Synthetic furs and leather-like products are inexpensive, easier to care for, and don’t cause pain to a living creature. I can’t imagine any reason to buy real fur aside from wanting to advertise your disgusting wealth.

    • Girl

      I personally don’t like the way furs look, so I don’t wear them.
      But since I eat meat and love leather, I can’t exactly say that people who wear fur are horrible and cruel to animals without being a hypocrite.

    • Pixy

      I have a chinchilla. He’s been my best friend for 7 years and is the most adorable little thing in the world. It takes over 100 chinchillas to make a single coat.
      I am not anti leather, because cows are killed for meat and then their hides used for leather. I’m a vegetarian, but more because I don’t like meat than any other reason. However, I understand the need for meat, and prefer it that people use the rest of the animal. What I have a problem with is people killing 100 chinchillas for a single article. Most any fur is going to be similar – it’s not just one animal dead, it’s many. Not for nutrition, not for warmth, for a status symbol. I understand that furs are warm, but the only people who can afford furs can also afford to keep their heat on 80 all year if they wish.

    • Alex

      I dislike fur for fashion. It’s wasteful and tacky. On the other hand If you live in Nunavut be my guest.

    • Nichole Tiffany

      My mind is literally BLOWN that these two STILL dress like this. Or any person, for that matter. I can’t help but to grimace each time I see a woman sporting a dead animal on the subway or train – surely I’m not the only one who has such an overt reaction to a human flaunting a dead animal. Regardless of how gorgeous these girls may feel, how can they dismiss the disgust that they arouse??

      mind = blown.

    • Nichole Tiffany

      I get what you’re saying, but why should it be excused based on geography? There’s really no excuse in this day, with fabric technologies being what they are and the plethora of warm alternatives, including faux fur if you insist on that look (although why anyone would want to look like they have a dead animal atop them is beyond me…)

    • Kerry

      @Jillian; you’re maybe the stupidest bitch I know.

      Humans don’t NEED fur to keep warm! – Are you telling me that now a days there’s nothing else, that ISN’T related to horrific and painful lives and deaths of animals?
      Fabric, cotton, linen, silk, textile and for another animal-example; wool. – The sheep are at least not gassed or beaten to death for that! And that’s also because it grows back every year, so a sheep can have a happy, normal, and long life.

      I agree with Beth.

      People don’t need fur to keep warm; there are more than enough other fabrics from which clothes are made of these days.

      It’s a total unnecessary luxury. – People who wear this, and the people who do this to animals are sick and do not have a heart.

      Enjoy: http://features.peta.org/ChineseFurFarms/

      • Matt Williams


        We are not that used to really cold days anymore and lots of people struggled in vain to keep warm during the recent biting, icy weather. With temperatures diving way below the zero mark and a nasty wind to enhance the chill factor, not all winter clothing seems up to the task.
        A scientific study by the Bekleidungsphysiologisches Institut Hohenstein e.V.* confirmed that in a stand-off between natural and artificial fabric to keep warm, natural fur is, predictably, the best.

        The study compared two natural furs (coyote and mink) with a faux-fur coat. The tests clearly showed that the natural fur coats were far more insulating than the faux-fur at every temperature. This advantage increased considerably as testing temperatures dropped. Moreover, natural fur also has the advantage of allowing the wearer’s skin to breathe in the same way leather does, guaranteeing a more comfortable and hygienic feeling.

        The fact that natural fur is softer and warmer makes it more wearable than any faux-fur available. Lots of people visiting the inauguration of Barack Obama protected themselves against the brutal cold and snappy weather in Washington by bringing out their fur coats.

        *Test report no. 06.4.5679

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      Fur tends to gross me out…. my childhood friend had a fur blanket and I always thought that was disgusting. But, I got a hand-me-down Burberry winter coat from my mom, who was given it by a colleague whose son had given it to his girlfriend, but the girlfriend broke up with him and he took it back. Long chain of events. Anyway, this Burberry coat had a removable fur collar and, although I felt guilty, I still wore it, usually without the collar. I was wearing the coat and had forgotten to take off the collar in New York City in December last year and was walking down the street when some lady tapped me on the back and asked if it was real fur. I didn’t know what to say and looked around to see if she had a bucket of fake blood, but begrudgingly muttered a yes and explained the long chain of events which led to my being in possession of the coat. Turns out she was a fur enthusiast, and thought the FOX fur was beautiful. Blech. But I will admit, I still wear the coat, sans the removable fur collar.

    • sara

      I’m not against the use of fur in clothing…as long as the animal wasn’t killed solely for it’s fur. If it’s killed for meat, and the rest can be used, PLEASE use it, don’t kill something else…or make synthetic gross stuff that pollutes a lot. And as long as it’s not endangered or anything. Like leather and stuff? Fine, not like they suffered any further. A whole coat of lots of it? waaaay too much unless you actually need it to stay warm and you hunt and actually live such a lifestyle (steriotypical inuit, etc) in moderation, fine.

      • Tal

        I do agree… although currently I try to avoid most animal-anything products because the ways they are killed for *anything* generally aren’t humane :(

      • jennifer

        It would be a whole lot better if that was how the fur industry worked, but sadly it isn’t.

      • sara

        Maybe I’m a bit of an idealist in the way I think, a LOT of things don’t work the way they should…or best could =/ it upsets me

    • Jen Glamour

      Only faux fur should be legal! There is no reason to cause pain and suffering and then kill animals so people can “try” to look good. Faux fur looks just as good anyway.

    • S

      For those who are anti-fur but are ok with leather since cows are used for meat, know that these two products do not come from the same animal. Beef cow are raised differently from cows intended to produce leather, one cow would not be used for both.
      I don’t judge anyone for wearing fur anymore than I judge them for their leather boots. If they are vintage, all the better, i have a few vintage furs myself. I wouldn’t shame
      somebody for even a new fur though, knowing I am not going to stop wearing leather (or vintage fur) anytime soon.

    • Fox is Good

      Totally against faux fur (as well as animal fur): It’s totally non-biodegradable and since it’s a fashion item it will go out of fashion very quickly as different types of faux fur become ‘in’, so it will go into landfill and mess up the environment. Couldn’t click on any item as they don’t apply.

    • Kylie Williams

      Why do people always think furs are for the wealthy? The reason furs are so popular now is because people can now afford to own them.
      I have two gorgeous fur coats, in pristine condition. One is Rabbit and one is Nutria. Both cost under $100 each (from eBay).
      These costs will outlive me, which I cannot say the same for my few synthetic coats.

    • Bambini

      you know what, all you anti-fur guys? i wanna see your faces when you come in late december to Russia ( wheh i live btw) in your faux furs…!!!:))) You guys are going to freeze to death…all those talks are funny when you`re in South Cali…but when you`re somewhere where it gets really cold, and im talking -30C in the winter – then you all gonna shut the f* up about your freaking suffering animals! Animals have been created by God to serve people, wake up! We`re not equil with them, they serve us to survive! No freaking puff jacket is going to warm you up where I live, fur is the only way. Its not even about being fashionable – its about your own health! Think! And if you don`t believe me – come to Moscow, check it out:)

      • Jasmine

        Mate, I live in Canada where it is regularly -30C in January. The coldest it has been here is -73C. This is our winter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q3KhmK5uEs
        I’ve been out in weather like this many times and only suffered mild frostbite to my fingers. My winter coat? 100% synthetic material with faux fur. Never ONCE have I worn a real fur coat. What you’ve said there is, I’m sorry, absolute bollocks.
        Fur is not needed to stay warm. It belongs to the sentient being it was made for.

    • Mark Steward

      Oops! 35% of the voters are vegan (no animal products of any kind for me)
      In reality, vegans only make up 0.2% of the population (yes, less than 0.5%)
      I hardly think this is a representative poll seeing it has been posted all over vegan forums.

      Out of 10,000 people surveyed, 4% were vegetarian, and 5% of those vegetarians were vegan. Therefore 0.2% are vegan.

    • Chaley

      When it comes to fur, I believe in a womans’ right to choose. If you don’t like fur coats, don’t wear one.