Yes Fur, No Fur: Designers For And Against Pelts

Earlier today we posed the question, “How do you feel about fur?” It’s as controversial a fashion topic as eating disorders and underage models; everyone seems to have a really passionate opinion about fur. Some think it’s barbaric–that the fur industry is rife with animal abuse among other horrors–while others think it’s opulent, warm, and wonderful, the zenith of luxury. Still others–like the PETA protesters I spotted picketing outside Fendi once–are militant anti-fur but totally fine with leather goods. So, that’s confusing.

Anyway, here’s a gallery of fashion designers, some famously anti-fur crusaders and some famous fur fans, too.

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    • brittany

      Why does every slide about someone who doesn’t use fur come with a disclaimer about it not working with the designer’s aesthetic? It makes it sound like you need an excuse not to use it.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Well, every slide except Ronson and McCartney. And the disclaimer struck me as significant because I don’t know how much of a stand these designers are making by not using fur if fur is totally incongruent with their aesthetic.

    • Taty

      I guess some people against fur are fine with leather because animals are not killed only for leather. They’re killed for meat and their skin is used for leather. It’s not the case for fur. The animals are killed only for that, which seems very superficial and selfish, especially when high quality faux could be used.

    • Esmi

      Fur is worse than leather in my opinion. It’s because of the way the animals get killed. Some get skinned alive and get stacked on top of each other while they have no skin anymore. Imagine the pain they go through. Mostly the animals that are used for leather are indeed killed for meat and leather and do not have to go through the same pain the animals that are killed for fur go through. But still, I love animals and don’t like either way. So no fur, and no leather for me. Only faux! And that looks beautiful too.

    • Eve A

      “Still others–like the PETA protesters I spotted picketing outside Fendi once–are militant anti-fur but totally fine with leather goods. So, that’s confusing.”
      Not confusing at all. Peta is totally against wearing animals period. Pelt or skin, they both exploit the bodies of animals. Fur is one of the most cruel and useless industries so it is targeted first. It is the nobel goal of Peta, In Defense of Animals and other animal rights organizations that all of us would be vegans, but they recognize that it’s one step at a time. First the fur industry, next the meat industry! I have 100% faith that meat eating will eventually become disgusting to all people – it is below us to beings that are so much like ourselves.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Maybe I’m missing something, but you didn’t really clear up how PETA protesters picketing fur but wearing leather shoes isn’t confusing…?

    • Rebecca

      The Fact is the most fur nows comes from fur farms. These are wild animals caged and breed to prodcue a product that humans no longer need. The amount of food fresh water orpretty rugs and pictures they have in thier surroundings will not ever be ‘humane’. Wild animals are not meant to be caged, inseminated, and give care by humans. They belong in the wild living free. For the few remaining wild animals that are hunted with traps their suffering is no less then those stuffed in a cage. To sit and starve or dehydrate while having body parts caught in the trap until thier death is just as cruel.
      Why any fashion designer would say they, have to use fur is beyond my realm of belief. Fur was an after product from hunters who had to eat and they realized they had to stay warm. They didn’t use chemicals, store thier furs in cold storage when not in use. They used the meat, bones and fur and it all when back to the earth as it was intended to.

    • Krista

      Love this post. I saw undercover video from a fur farm and from then on vowed to never wear fur. Now I know which designers to support and which to boycott.

    • Bhavika

      “Still others–like the PETA protesters I spotted picketing outside Fendi once–are militant anti-fur but totally fine with leather goods. So, that’s confusing.”

      No. It’s not confusing at all. PETA is against the use and abuse of animals, which includes all forms of animal exploitation and commodification. Animal activists and vegans working for PETA don’t wear or consume animal products of any sort, including both leather and fur. However, those animal lovers who have chosen to boycott fur and not leather have their reasons as well.

      Leather is made from the skin of dead animals. In the case of fur, however, animals are bludgeoned and skinned alive so as not to damage their pelt. It’s unethical to wear both leather and fur. But the process required to obtain fur from an animal is far more barbaric and cruel than the case with leather. PETA activists are boycotting cruelty one step at a time. Please get your facts correct before posting such misinformed and evidently biased opinions.

      Fur is SO not glamorous. Any designer or model who can’t be comfortable in his or her own skin, and requires the skin of another has issues which need to be addressed.