Blind Item: What Celebrity Failed to Make Magic at ‘Potter’ Premiere?

What blonde actress spent all of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One premiere last night trying unsuccessfully to hit on Rupert Grint? Our behind the scenes gossip wonders if perhaps the actress was trying to make herself feel better after recently losing out on a coveted movie role.

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    • Aileen

      I’m going to guess it’s Blake Lively, and if so, I’m so glad he didn’t give her the time of day. Especially since he is #1 on my “Gingers I’d Like To Do” list.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      Why does he look so…high?

    • bodo

      He looks stoned.

    • I’m callling BS

      While the idea of Blake Lively unsuccesfully pushing her fake funbags in Rupert Grint’s face is rather hilarious, and the BI obviously points to her as she sjust lost out on “The Great Gatsby”, there is one major problem: Blake Lively wasn’t at the Harry Potter premiere. The only two blonde actresses there were Melissa Joan Hart and Sarah Jessica Parker, and I haven’t heard of either of them losing out on a big role recently.