Prince William Is Getting Married, But These Princes Are Single

Waity-Katie waits no more! Kate Middleton and Prince William have officially announced their engagement. So, he’s gone, now. Here are some replacements. They’re super hot. Well, most of them, anyway.

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    • Delilah

      Prince Harry has always been my favorite. His hair isn’t prematurely thinning, he’s a ginger, and he has all the benefits of being a prince without the looming kingship. Party time dressed up in inappropriate costumes! Actually having scandalous fun! Definitely my cup of tea.

    • Teenie

      My friend works in Dubai for Sheikh Hamdan, and by all accounts he is a pretty awesome dude. And ridiculously rich. If that sort of thing appeals to you.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Yes. Yes, Teenie, ridiculous hotness and awesomeness and being a freaking poet appeals. I will be ready to marry him at any time, just so he knows.

      • affe

        hehe ask your friend how the beautiful hamdan even meet girls? he must be attacked by women everywhere he goes =) i think its hard to find someone real when your that popular…

      • asiya

        hey this is prince hamdan married? or engaged watever..please reply…..and is he religious…or is he a flirt

    • Teenie

      haha – Jennifer I actually forwarded this to my friend, so Hamdan may have already seen it, FYI. you crack me up.

    • Mohammad Arslan

      Mr.Sheikh Hamdan is good guy as a parsenality as a behaivier as a natuer i m like him

    • Kat

      Harry has to be the most adorable ginger ever!

    • Tamy Kraiczar

      Well Harry does seem to be the leading man, ginger hair or not! :)) Won’t deny though the fact that Hamdan does have a certain appeal…i’m surprised he’s still single…
      Nonetheless great list! ^_~

    • Kay are iss why

      Harry is fine with that ginger hair I would date him even if he wasn’t a prince

    • Sandra B
    • alan

      What poor prince–there are a few–would like to make a fortune? Marry one of the doppelgangers–Beatrice or Eugenie and get a good dowry. Ask for a lot more to actually fuck them. God are they UGLY!

    • whataboutbelgium?

      I think there’s an important name missing from this list: Prince Amedeo of Belgium, who is not only right there in his early-mid twenties, but also works in finance in NYC!

    • Marlene

      The prince of Dubai is beautiful. How can I meet

    • zoya

      sheikh hamdan is still single

    • jojara

      this guy from dubai looks great! dubai will be my homeport next contract! see u there,