Poll: Who Is Prettier, Kate Middleton Or Princess Diana?

Hey, it’s really tasteless that we’re doing this, but I want to pit an attractive young woman against a dead candle in the wind, so we’re doing it. Princess Diana. Kate Middleton. Thunderdome style. Who’s the pretty one?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Anna

      Seriously, how tactless is this question? I’m immediately unsubscribing to this feed.

    • Jillian Engel

      I think this is actually really unfair. They’re both wearing equally ugly dresses.

    • Amanda

      Here we go again, judging women based solely on their looks…I’m beginning to get really ticked off about how shallow, trivial and offensive this site can be at times. Time to turn my attention elsewhere.

    • mel

      Anna, you aren’t the only one!

    • iheartellegirl

      Honestly I have hated this site for so long, but I am beyond fed up with your crap. YOU GUYS SUCK!

    • nolalola27

      Hey, ladies? We do it all the time, we just try to be subtle about it, or flat-out lie. Everyone compares everyone to everyone else. In this post, Jennifer is just being blatant about it, and even saying “Hey, I know this is tasteless, but here we go!” Settle down.

      • Eileen

        <3 Even the poll choices include references to its tastelessness.

        And notice…half of the respondents picked one or the other. Obviously it's not only Jennifer who had an opinion.

    • Nicole

      I think comparing them at the same age that Kate is prettier. By the 90s Diana was starting to lose her looks. They both are average to slightly above average, but neither was Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.

      • kateywaity

        WRONG. And kate has a vacant, no brains look, and never a genuinely warm look like Diana had. Diana was stunning her whole life. I’m sick of people saying women “lose” their looks when they start to mature. Oh shit yeah if you are talking barbie dolls. If you go to a human level, a few years only add interest to a woman’s face unless you are shallow. Diana took some drop dead photos not long before her death. She had an “noble” sort of nose that did not always photograph well, but how many people are always photogenic ? She was an English beauty. Kate looks like a pie-faced mexican.

    • Rachita

      Princess Diana is prettier any day….. no question of comparison.

      • Haydeh

        Dian was never beautiful ,wonderful person yes ,pretty never.

    • Estia

      Diana & Catherine are both pretty !!! They fit perfectly with their time !!! Do not compare… they both are princess !!!

    • Steven

      Beauty is a matter of taste and preference. I prefer brunettes, so my vote would be different than a person who preferred blonds. Besides, most of a persons beauty comes from within and can’t be judged from photos.

    • Kimberly

      Isn`t it just obvious Princess Diana is far more beautiful

    • ramnpreet

      dianas the most buitfull one

    • katywaity

      Diana was a woman of class and sheer English beauty. She was extremely beautiful, with a body to die for. Not only that she had a warm,genuine personality and intelligence, and what is more real compassion. Kate is miserable, don’t hold the bimbo up to anyone so far above her as Diana…poor Kate. Kate is a bimbo party girl who never has cared squat about anything or anyone except partying and nabbing William. Diana on the other hand, no “past” history , no crotch shots,no drunk shots, no ass shots and now extra nudity {via France } like Kate The Duchess Of Tits And Ass. Diana was not a fucking idiot. Kate always has been. Check her out YouTube in videos like “Kate Middleton-Party Girl” or “Kate Middleton gives Calgary the Bum’s Rush”. In Calgary the idiot went without panties. A wind came along and boom, ASS PHOTOS. She’s so pathetically stupid and trashy. William is just as dumb for choosing her. Please do Diana a favor, never name her and kate in the same paragraph, much less a sentence. And fuck you for the way you referred to Diana. Loser-