• Wed, Nov 17 2010

Poll: Is Ryan Reynolds the Sexiest Man Alive?

People magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue has just been unveiled, and this year’s winner is Ryan Reynolds. While the guy is a massive babe, I’m still a little bummed that Jon Hamm didn’t win. That said, I’m also thrilled they didn’t pick George Clooney for the twelfth time. We need to give some other sexy a chance.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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  • Marissa

    To be fair, RR is hot–especially in that movie “Definitely, Maybe.” But he is so boy next door boring in this picture, I barely can take it. He does not have that WOW factor at all. In fact, with that hair swoop he looks like half the guys I worked who were on the sales side of my old office. To be fair, it was a good looking office.

  • Meg

    He’s pretty hot but I’m not sure he’s the sexiest man alive.

  • Jen

    Ryan is totally hot, but this is a terrible picture!

    • Lilit Marcus

      Any picture not including his abs is basically a fail, I think.

  • Jillian Engel

    This is officially rigged. He has a movie coming out soon and all of a sudden gets sexiest guy alive?