Crystal Renn Looks… Different

This is supposedly Crystal Renn in Harper’s Bazaar. What I have to say is this: holy shit, Crystal Renn! You don’t even look like you!

I hope this is some nefarious Photoshop fuckery, or else we’re going to have to stop calling this woman plus-sized.

See the rest of the shoot at Fashionista.

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    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      Oh, this is really depressing.

      • Lindsay Cross


    • Lea

      Oh, Crystal, you were so beautiful before.
      Why change that to conform to stupid standards?

    • Somnilee

      I hear she dropped to a UK size 12/14, but that is no-way a 12/14. It looks about an 8/10, which on a model means 8. (I know this because every time I go to buy anything on ASOS, it /helpfully/ says ‘Model is 5’10 and wears a UK size 8′).
      As an additional guide, I’m a 10/12 and she looks thinner than me.
      A friend told me that to check for photoshopping you should look for the proportion between the waist and the head: he showed me a ridiculous photo of Megan Fox where, no joke, her waist was smaller than her face.

    • Kait

      Mannnn. Now she looks like every other model. Boring.

    • Eileen

      Maybe she was tired of being singled out for her figure. Weight’s a tricky issue for a lot of women, including Crystal Renn, and having people constantly point out that you’re heavier than everyone else in your job – even if it’s in a positive way – can’t be easy.