I Take Back What I Said About Kelly Osbourne

Once upon a time, I felt pretty strongly that Kelly Osbourne had turned into a bobblehead. And from a lot of the pics floating around at the time, you know, I think that I was pretty safe in saying that.

But on her Shape cover, which hits the stands this month and I’m pretty sure was a direct response to what I wrote (Hi Kelly!), she looks awesome. And so you know what, Kelly Osbourne? I take it back.

Granted, I question the numbers that Camp Kelly is lobbing around. They say that Osbourne is 5’2 and 112 pounds…and um, that’s really thin. Like, you don’t need to be that thin, Kel, OK? But on the cover, she looks….well, really healthy.

So, back to my point. Kelly Osbourne, I’m sorry I suggested that you look like a bobblehead, or a cookie-cutter blond, which was actually what I said, although full disclosure, bobblehead was what I was thinking. I think you look great. Good work, and please don’t get any thinner. In fact, never change. Xoxo.

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    • Marie

      I’m 5’4″ and 113 pounds and I’m not anywhere near that thin. She looks great though.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      She’s been looking fantastic lately!

    • Eileen

      Yeah, 112 pounds is pretty healthy for most women that size.

    • Kelly

      I don’t think 112 is bad for someone who is 5’2″. For a while I was 5’6″ and 115 and while I was thin, I wasn’t disgustingly so.

      But I think she is probably lower than 112, because she DOES look bobbleheady all the time now. I bet they just photoshopped her more proportionally here.