Poll: Is Faux Fur Okay?

I don’t know how to feel about anything anymore. The fake leopard coat. Can I keep it? What if I want to be Edie Sedgwick for Halloween?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • BgHeartBreaker

      I’m not sure. It’s a very complicated topic.

      • Nichole Tiffany

        What’s complicated about it? It belongs to an animal that we kill in order to “look nice.”

      • kaylaandrena

        Nichole, do you know what faux fur is? Because I hate to break it to you, but faux isn’t an alternative spelling for fox, nor is there such a thing as a faux. I fake fur, so no there were no animals killed in order for someone to look nice.

    • Ashlee

      I actually think faux fur is itchy and clearly looks fake. I’d rather get the real stuff. It’s softer and more luxurious.

    • Laura

      Do garden burgers promote the meat industry?

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        Haha, that is exactly what I was thinking! No — I think fur looks cool, but it’s cruel, and so faux fur is a nice way to go. It’s not promoting fur — it’s promoting faux fur.

    • nolalola27

      I think the above coat looks awesome primarily because of the sweet tights and hat, but I’m okay with it.

    • Rose

      Faux fur needs to be promoted as a viable alternative to real fur. How are you going to ask consumers and designers to give up using fur without providing them with an alternative? As long as you’re not telling people it’s real, rock that leopard masterpiece.