• Thu, Nov 18 2010

Gallery: Amazing Royal Ladies Who Aren’t Kate Middleton

Look, we really like Kate Middleton. We think she’s great. For serious. She’s handled this whole thing with elegance and aplomb. But now we need to idolize some other royal ladies. Like these:

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  • Eileen

    Princess Grace = awesome. Queen Noor = awesome. Princess Beatrice = awesome (and she and her sister seem awesomely NORMAL, too). Eleanor of Aquitaine = amazingly awesome and the lust object of every straight man in medieval studies. But Mary, Queen of Scots was pretty awful at being queen: a perfect example of how being born into royalty doesn’t mean you’re going to have political skills.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Still hard to argue with a Velvet Underground endorsement.

  • Max

    Queen Rania of Jordan = PERFECT!