What’s Your Signature Piece?

Anna Wintour has her sunglasses. Jean Paul Gaultier has his striped shirts. Karl Lagerfeld has his robot form. Dumbo has a magical feather that he believes makes him fly.

I have a special spoon I like to use to eat soup, because it is the perfect size.

This list is going to get less and less glamorous as it goes on.

I think everybody has something that they use constantly that defines them. It’s not necessarily a “yes, I wear a white Hermes Scarf every day, my name is Miranda Priestly” thing, it might just be something that  you’ve formed a weird attachment to. And it’s not necessarily glamorous. Though it could be – I can’t look at a bottle of Chanel no. 5 without thinking of my Grandmother. By the same token, I can’t look at fuzzy pens without thinking of this girl who used fuzzy, feathered pens all through high school. God, that girl was horrible.

Basically, I don’t think you have to be Anna Wintour to have a thing that makes people think of you. What’s your signature piece?

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      I feel very, very almost irrationally strong about the correct shape and size of utensils. If I receive a giant or too-round spoon when I buy soup, I almost don’t want to eat it.

    • nolalola27

      I have a necklace I wear almost every day. It goes with everything, and it looks good, and I seriously have worn it regularly for about 5 years. Of course I don’t wear it when we’re going out somewhere nice, because it’s pretty casual, but other than that, I’m wearing it.

      I also wore skirts & boots for about a year a few years ago. That was a weird time.

    • Missy

      It was pointed out to me a couple years ago that more than half of my wardrobe consists of cardigans. There is nothing I will not pair with a cardigan and I have even worn the same one for a week straight without anyone noticing. That is how versatile a cardigan is.

    • Rose

      In high school it was the same scarf I wore EVERY DAY regardless of season. This persisted until my second semester of college. Then it became a jade pendant that I wore EVERY DAY regardless of outfit. Now it’s crocheted berets. I didn’t mean for them to become “my thing”, I just got a really bad haircut and started wearing them all the time to cover it up. I have ten different colors, and outside of work, I don’t leave the house without one.

    • Eileen

      The girl I babysit says that I wouldn’t be me if I weren’t running around campus wearing jeans and flip-flops (or flats in the winter) and carrying a clarinet. It’s not my constant uniform, but during the week, she’s not wrong.

    • Lea

      I’d have to say that I don’t have a signature piece, per se, but a signature color.
      I wear anything and everything purple.

    • Alanna

      My Rainbow flip flops. I wear them pretty much year-round, and have even worn them during the rain & I’d wear them to the snow if it snowed in southern california.

    • Katen

      The gorgeous handbag that I had handmade in Florence Iraly. If I change bags for an event I feel incomplete!

    • fyfe

      chuck taylors. i’ve been wearing them for the last… god… 25 years.

    • Jen

      I have my dearest red boots which vaguely Doc Martins but not so shiny . Originally they were to help me climb my schools ridiculously steep hill in winter but they’ve lasted for a year now.
      Doesn’t seem that long now, but when you consider I wear them 5 out of 7 days a week it might :]

    • Meg

      You mean besides the flask? Hmm let’s see, I always have a french manicure, Lovespell body mist & I always carry a picture of Alice Cooper in my back pocket.

    • Annie

      I loooooove scarves. I don’t wear them every day, but I’m definitely the scarf girl in my group. And I get very hooked on necklaces, I willl wear the same one day in and day out for YEARS (except for a few special occasions) until I find a replacement necklace. I’ve been wearing my current one since 2007.

    • Lindsay

      I don’t have a signature piece, but I do have a signature color: orange. As a red head, I’ve been conditioned to believe that I should avoid it at all costs since it would make me look like a carrot or pumpkin or something. But the truth is, most red heads look fucking fantastic in orange, and I hope by wearing orange without fear, I can inspire others to say “fuck you” to silly fashion rules and wear what makes them feel good.

    • Grace

      My dreadlocks and my glasses (to see, not sun glasses). I don’t know if these count as they aren’t really accessories that I make conscious decisions to wear every morning. They are pretty rad though and definitely are keystones in my style, and certainly things you will never see me without!