10 Things Tom Ford Might Be Bad At

With the release of the first images of Tom Ford’s upcoming return to womenswear and news he’ll be guest-editing the Holiday issue of Paris Vogue, I was inspired to pose the following question to The Gloss office: What is Tom Ford bad at? If he were to try his hand at something, where might he fail? After a couple hours of intense debate and a little soul searching, we came up with a list of 10 Things we imagine Tom Ford would be bad at. The list after the jump.

10 Things Tom Ford Might Actually Be Bad At

7. Being ugly
10. Making clothes we don’t want

Not exaggerating, though. This took a while.

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    • Jennifer Wright

      Okay, I think if Tom Ford say, got acid thrown in his face, it could make him ugly. It would not make him not sexy, though. He would be sexy like the Phantom of the Opera or Mick Jagger, then. So, number 7 should be “being not sexy.”

    • porkchop

      Working at the DMV? Magic: The Gathering? Humility? Competitive eating?

      (he could well be good at all those things, but it’s kind of funny to imagine)
      (also, he could totally rock chemical burns (not that I would wish that on anyone))

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I could see him turning any DMV into a SEXY DMV. Moreover, I know Tom Ford would be really amazing at Magic: The Gathering if you taught him. He would Black Lotus your ass in a heartbeat. Sexily.

    • epilonious

      At the risk of being perceived as ever-so-slightly bitchy…

      1. Returning your crush.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        If you are alluding to the fact that TF is openly gay, fine. If you are alluding to the fact that The Gloss is actually staffed by hideous monsters no one could ever love, that’s a little bitchy.

        …But his sexiness is universal.

      • epilonious

        I was referring to him being a big ol’ kinsey 6. I will continue being perhaps bitchy by saying he is also bad at being a cross with a grapefruit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lunchbreath/4458836559/

      • Ashley Cardiff

        you get such a huge, enthusiastic high five for referring to the Kinsey scale.

    • jordan

      Well, he’s perfect. isn’t he?

    • G.

      Sorry, but I don’t find anything “perfect” or “sexy” about someone who contributes to the torturous, gruesome deaths of minks, foxes, etc. What is sexy about that??? Watch a film about it sometime. Better yet, contact him & ask how he would regard this same ending for the terriers he is supposed to care so much about.