Grrr Friend: Hell Is Other People

This is why you need to be nice to people in the service industry.

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    • RumbleFiche

      I love cilantro! And jews!

    • Kat

      I work in the service industry and whenever someone is rude I’ll think of this comic from now on!

    • Ben Schwartz 2

      What is she grabbing? Is that some sort of deflated boob? Honestly, the animation quality has gone way downhill since Champagne Underpants Party.

      • Ben Schwartz


    • Disgusting Slob

      This comic is clearly anti-semitic. The Jews are the chosen people…and as such I am going to report this entire website to the anti-defamation league. Prepare to be defamed…

      • Your Mom

        Its clearly a joke, lighten up

    • Adam

      Well, I guess I’ll be with my family down there.

    • Christian