Celebrities Who Dated Before They Were Famous

Celebrity couplings are nothing new. They’re a great way for a celebrity without any current projects to stay in the tabloids and for closeted stars to pretend not to be gay. However, not every celebrity hookup happens post-fame. Here are a few examples of couples who dated before hitting the big time.

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    • Lianne

      That pic of Madonna is with her baby daddy Carlos Leon, not Basquiat. :-)

    • Delilah

      Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson both attended Cambridge, not Oxford. They were part of the Footlights, the theatrical club that Peter Cook was in, in addition to the members of Monty Python.


    • Danielle

      “Though their relationship didn’t work out, the two remain friends to this day.”
      …Emma Thompson is dead…

    • Soraya

      What?! Emma Thompson is alive and well, Danielle.

      Jean-Michel Basquiat, on the other hand is def. dead, and that is not a picture of him.

    • mflowstar

      Emma and Hugh were both in Sense and Sensibility together. He had a minor role as a moody husband. I bet their past relationship had something to do with his being cast in that role.
      And Brooke Shields lost her v-card to Dean Cain. She admitted it in some article a while back.
      RDJ and SJP, Lisa Kudrow and Conan, January Jones and Ashton, Halle Berry and the NKOTB are all shockers to me.
      January had been interviewed a while back and said that a former actor boyfriend had told her she would never make it, I had no idea that she was referring to Ashton.

      And I am officially a celeb gossip geek…

    • Lena

      OMG… That’s Carlos Leon, father of Lola. NOT Jean-Michel Basquiat.