• Kelly

    Nope! There was a time when I thought three years would be about my limit. But right about now is almost three years for me and my guy, and I have no desire to “rush into” getting married right now. I definitely want to get married eventually, but I don’t want kids so I figure it’s not a rush. If we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives, then we have the rest of our lives to get married.

  • Eileen

    I think it depends on where you are in life when you meet and start dating. Prince William and Kate Middleton met as college freshmen. Lots of people who get together that young want to do some living before they settle down, and those people don’t have to deal with the huge, awesome responsibility of being constantly in the public eye. My guess is that the “Waity Katie” thing came from people who wanted a royal wedding, not from her waiting for him to ask her to marry him.

  • nolalola27

    I agree w/Eileen – it has more to do with your personal timelines rather than the age of the relationship.

    My fiance & I were dating for 4 years before he proposed, but we got together when I was 23 and he was almost 26. Neither of us were ready until I was 27 and he was almost 30. However, I wasn’t ready to wait much longer, because I was ready and my timeline was such that I didn’t want to start all over with dating & a new relationship too close to 30. Don’t get me wrong, we’re both madly in love and really want to spend our lives together, but the reality is that my life plans didn’t involve me being on the dating scene in my 30′s. I have nothing but love for other women who are dating in their 30′s and older, but I just didn’t envision it for myself.

  • Jean

    I had been waiting for 6 years before my relationship ended, and I was fine waiting. I did not want to rush into anything or somehow miss out on life. However now that I am single again I think I might not wait so long again, because I do want to start that next chapter of my life before I am too old.

  • LAS

    I met my ex boyfriend right after college and we dated for about 10 years. It was enough time for him to reveal his true self – a closeted and self-hating homosexual. I’m grateful that I never married or had kids with him. The lesson I took away is that waiting is good.

  • KellyH

    I think everything depends on the couple & where you’re at in life. My ex & I were together 3 years together before marrying & are now divorced after being together for 6 years total, we weren’t necessarily young (I was 24 when we married & he was 26). However I have met a wonderful man the 2nd time around & have only known him for maybe a month & know I would love to spend the rest of my life with him, I would marry him tomorrow & not look back.

    • Shirley

      My stories are quite similar to yours,except that i wont be marrying tomorrow :) We knew each other for about 1 month now, he is in L.A California while I am in Malaysia. He did pop the question but I am not ready to go over. What should I do?? Any advice?

    • Cliessexemn

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