Poll: Vote For The World’s Most Unsexy Man

Well, we know it’s not Ryan Reynolds. Or, for that matter Tom Ford (look, as for whether he would be bad at running a DMV – that would be the sexiest DMV in the planet, you would be naked for your driver’s license photo). Here are some of our favorites, though feel free to leave your own suggestions.

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    • Lindsay Cross

      It’s so hard to decide between Spencer and Mel. Really, I’m stumped. They’re both so nauseating. I ended up choosing Spencer, only because at least Mel gave us a couple good memories a couple decades ago. Spencer has never done anything useful or interesting… ever.

    • nolalola27

      CHARLIE SHEEN DUDES. Come on. He should at least be on the list. Also Michael Lohan who is fond of kicking women in their vaginas & recording his daughter’s nervous breakdown and selling the recordings. Never mind he just shot up to the top of the list. Prick.