Have You Ever Dyed Your Hair An Outrageous Color?

It’s still my dream to dye my hair purple, but I feel like it’s one of those things that work best as a teenager. Unless it doesn’t! Have you ever dyed your hair an outrageous color? Was it awesome? Was it purple? Are those two just synonymous?

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    • Kari Hodges

      Actually, my hair is purple right now, and I couldn’t be happier. :)

      • Mike

        My hair is purple right now and it looks so cool! My friends and I dyed it last saturday and it looks great!

    • Kayla

      I wanted to dye my hair pink throughout middle and high school but my mom wouldnt let me. I still secretly want to.

    • kjon

      I liked the lavender hair trend that Kelly Osbourne was working a few months ago. Somehow that shade just worked!

    • Aileen

      I had bright red hair a la Ariel from the Little Mermaid a few years back. Oddly enough, it is the hair color I’ve gotten the most compliments on, but I guess it wasn’t too super outrageous. And it worked with my skin tone too

    • Laura

      I know a woman in her 40′s who keeps a few small streaks of blue and purple in her hair.

    • Maria

      I have had purple hair for about a month now. I absolutely love it, so does everyone else! The color looks amazing, probably something I plan to do more often.

    • Grace

      When I was a teenager I put red and blue semi-permanent dye in my hair…not all at once though! Mostly washed out in a week at the most.

      Currently I have dreadlocks, a few of which I have wrapped in pink wool. I’ve also had a number of different wraps and beads in them throughout the years, although I haven’t dyed them since they were dreaded.

    • Kiwi

      My hair is currently a bright raspberry color. I tend to keep my hair in shades between magenta and purple because it goes well with my olive skin tone. I’m in my mid-nearing-late twenties and it is still awesome.

    • Gimmy

      I had purple hair for a while, and accidental black hair for a couple of months. Granted, I was fourteen at the time, but I am thinking of getting some red put in to cheer me up in the dreary english winter…

    • elle

      I want to dye my hair red, but my mom won’t let me …

      • Jennifer Wright

        Fuck that noise. Buy one of those at-home kits and do it in your bathroom. If it doesn’t work out, your mom will probably take you to a salon to get it done properly to avoid embarassment.

        Also, you shouldn’t listen to me, because I make terrible life choices.

    • Mary

      when I was 20 I tried to dye my hair electric blue. I didn’t get it all the way bleached, though, so it ended up greenish. Now I’m in beauty school, and I see women of all ages, shapes, ethnicities rocking ever colour you can think of.

    • Nadine

      Pink, blue, yellow, red, purple, teal when I was in high school.

    • samhain press

      my hair is teal right now, and it is, in fact, awesome.

    • Mary

      Put magenta streaks in my hair at age 15, then differing shades of auburn and red until about 20. I love the way my hair looks dyed, but hate the root upkeep; even when I go for just a redder shade, my darkish brown roots can peek through.

      I’ve thought about doing purple for a while now, but it doesn’t seem practical as straight out of college I’m applying for jobs that aren’t in a “creative field” (German language translation and library research positions, oy). Can anyone think of a good way to do something wild with your hair, but be able to temporarily cover it up quickly??

      • Penny

        My thoughts would be to dye the roots something bright and cover them with one of those root touch up crayons.

    • Katrina

      For my junior prom, I had a baby pink dress and I put fuchsia streaks in my hair. They were semi-permanent, I think, and I did it twice after prom just to keep it in. Also, I dyed my hair bright red that same year (a la Mary Jane in Spiderman) and blue-black my senior year. I’ve been thinking about dying my hair a lot recently, but my boyfriend doesn’t want me to (which is a minor deterrent) and I can still remember the year and a half of awful hair after I quit dying it cold turkey last time (which is the main deterrent). I don’t know though… Some red streaks would look pretty awesome and still be office appropriate…

    • lo

      I got a few wide fuchsia streaks in my hair a few years back that just peeked through the rest of my hair… it looked pretty awesome. But pinks and purples seem to fade weirdly, so I didn’t keep it up. Definitely worth it. I get the occasional itch to do it again, but since I’m going to med school, it isn’t really appropriate.

    • abbey

      i have a weave and its the brightes red anyone has ever seen and no one has ever comment not even one

    • ashmoth

      maraschino cherry red. not a good look with freckles