Poll: Kate Middleton’s Blue Dress Hysteria

Perhaps you’ve heard about that blue Issa London dress Kate Middleton wore to announce her engagement. Look, it’s a beautiful dress. Really beautiful. That kimono shape flatters a lot of figures and that deep blue flatters even more skin tones. It’s a lovely, demure, tasteful dress. And even with its $620 pricetag, it sold out within hours of the images’ publication. Rather than ask about Middleton’s sudden enormous influence on fashion, I want to get specific. Are you as crazy about this dress as everyone else seems to be or is this just a royal case of idol worship?

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    • S

      I honestly do love that dress. Obviously I wouldn’t pay as much attention if I was not inundated with images of it but the more I see it, the more I like it. Now I really want it. May I request the Gloss fashionistas track us down some affordable look-a-likes?

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Great idea! We’re on it!

    • Stephanie

      I would like the dress more if it were strapless, but that’ s just me…

    • Eileen

      I think it’s a great dress, mostly because when I saw the pictures, I thought, “Oh, she looks beautiful,” and not “I like her dress.” It’s pretty, but it makes me want to look at her more than it makes me want to look at it – which, I think, is what most women want from their dresses.

    • Kim

      I think the timing of their announcement has a lot to do with the fervour over this dress. It’s holiday party crunch time, and we all need to stay warm while looking good. I think that the long sleeves are both flattering and something everyone is craving at this point in the year. Plus, that colour is to die for.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I strongly agree on all points!

    • Jape

      I think it’s a knockout! So much so that it’s pretty much my only takeaway from that announcement (ring, what ring? pretty hair, thinning hair?). Love the way it shapes her waist and I bet it looks lovely and swishy when she walks. The long sleeves and high neck keep it very appropriate and modest… and that means that even a 60-something dame would look great in the same dress. Helen Mirren, I hope you bought one! And damn, I wish I had one too.