Steal the Look: Kate Middleton’s Blue Dress

So yeah, there’s been a big furor over Kate Middleton’s sleeved blue Issa London dress. I’m betting the reason for its rapid sell-out has less to do with Middleton’s impeccable style (which she has) and more to do with what a lovely, endlessly flattering piece it is. So we’re answering the call today with a gallery of sleeved, kimono and shirt-style navy dresses that will look great on you and won’t break the bank. Please note that because we limited ourselves to under $200, we did end up with a few, uh, looser interpretations, but I think in spirit it’s the same: deep blue, sleeved and very pretty all around. Special thanks to Intern Jillian for scouring the internet with me.

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    • Jill

      Wow! I love all these dresses! I must get me one.

    • nolalola27

      I always love Anthropologie, and the Calvin Klein is very nice as well. Good finds, ladies!

    • Ashley R.

      I was just curiouse if the printed long gowns were for sale because i am unable to find where to purchase one of these dresses. If so how much? I was also curiouse how you find what size you are?
      Thank You