Gallery: Looks To Offset Being a Liberal Hippie Douche

This morning, after yoga, I flicked on NPR as I headed to the coffeeshop to get a latte.

I guess that’s really all I need to say — because at that moment I realized that I had turned into a liberal hippie douche. Here are some looks I’m considering to offset my shameful identity:

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    • Laura

      For what it’s worth, that sounds like an okay morning. I think you need tofu dish with organic vegetables to finish it off though.

      Maybe I’m a liberal hippie douche too.

    • nerdypaws

      I don’t know. #3 and #5 are pretty smokin’.

    • Aileen

      Who would think to hold their beer in the strings of what appears to be a flame thong bathing suit?

    • Eileen

      If you are actually a liberal hippie douche, these costumes won’t solve anything. They will only make you an even bigger liberal hippie douche because you will be going to great lengths to be ironic. There is no way to offset being a liberal hippie douche. Just re-label it “white person,” ala Christian Lander, and you can make millions!

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        liberal hippie douches aren’t ironic, you’re thinking of liberal hipSTER douches.

      • Eileen

        Ahhh, sorry. I missed the distinction there.

    • Lindsay Cross

      It just had to be Bud Light… Was this person partying with Lilit?

    • Lauren

      I work at my local NPR and drink my lattes in the NPR building. Does that make you feel better?

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        actually, yes.

    • Venus in Furs

      Someone please refresh my memory: What exactly constitutes flag desecration these days?

      Burning an American flag=bad, but cramming nasty Mama Grizzly snatch into Old Glory bikini bottoms is what? Patriotic?