10 Weird Facts About Lipstick

Oh, you were just wearing lipstick because you thought it looked pretty? How about you’re wearing it because you really sympathize with Marie Antoinette or you don’t want to be thrown back into the insane asylum? (If you’re interested in more fun facts, we really recommend Lipstick by Jessica Pallingston).

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    • nolalola27

      I think I’m most touched by that asylum bit. For such a long time – and the 20′s were no exception – people with mental illness were ritualistically dehumanized. It’s really sweet and insightful that the asylum outfitted itself with a place to help the women feel pretty and feminine.

    • Kat

      It looks like ‘Ol George may have used some rouge as well.

      • Wendy

        LOL that’s funny

    • agustin matus

      I have a question about Lipstick, I know for life ladies use it. for beauty, for fashion or for whatever they want to show off .

      But is it safe and healthy ? Ones I got allergy by kissing my girlfriend, since then, I don’t like to kiss my lady if she have lipstick on.

      I got skin itching every time I have contact with my girlfriend, then, I was wondering if it happen from Lipstick or from makeup or any other products used for like hair spray.
      If any information that may cause allergy I will like to know more about them.