Fashion Disasters: Phoebe Price

Dear dListed muse Phoebe Price: you are selfish.

You’ve stolen my innocence away. I thought the red carpet was about something. Until you came along.

The moment you stepped on this scene, you made it all an empty spectacle. You turned it into some kind of perverse dog and pony show.

How do you sleep at night?

Also. Your dress is fucking ugly.

[Photo via Wenn]

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    • phoebefan

      Why photograph phoebe price, well one reason is that

      she just happens to have one of the sexiest smiles and one of the most
      gorgeous faces on the planet. Phoebe is bewitching scores of men in the

      whole world. Those few who cannot appreciate her outrageously
      sexy cheeks, and magnificent clothes dish out envious remarks.

      Phoebe Price is a goddess and will go down in history as one of the most

      glamorous and beautiful women america has ever put out.