Style Inspiration: Susie Derkins, Calvin & Hobbes

Some might call neighborhood girl Susie Derkins nothing more than the occasional-sidekick to Calvin &  Hobbes‘ scene-stealing troublemaker Calvin. As a perpetual target of his Get Rid Of Slimy GirlS club, Susie was neurotic, over-achieving, and an unapologetic tattletale.

But. She was amazingly good at out-smarting Calvin and also going places (namely Vassar).

So let’s celebrate Susie–hero to smart, neurotic, easily agitated but accomplished girls everywhere–with a gallery of inspiration and a few key pieces.

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    • Kat

      I love Calvin and Hobbes! I never thought of Susie as a style icon before!

    • Hanna

      I definitely went as her for Halloween this year.

    • Hanna
      • Lilit Marcus


      • Ashley Cardiff


      • Beth


      • porkchop


    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      this is awesome!

    • Jape

      Hurrah!!! An inspired Style Inspiration piece…makes me want to go read the old comics and see if I can find some mittens.

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