• Tue, Nov 23 2010

Random Photo: This Is Perfect For My Next Menstruation Party

You know what every girl needs? A party to celebrate her period. A party complete with this uterus pinata, of course.

[Via Etsy]

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  • Ellen W.

    You mean that getting Thai food delivered and drinking a bottle of sparkling wine all by myself while watching something with costumes and subtitles isn’t a party? It’s a party to me dammit. (BTW yes, those movies are often called “period dramas” but that’s too cutsey so I don’t make that joke.)

  • Courtney

    This is one piñata I would not want to break open.

  • Lea

    Hm. Well, I see the glory in it in this way:
    Next time I have terrible cramps, taking a bat to that thing MIGHT make me feel better.

  • Eileen

    Maybe her first period, which is kind of exciting because you haven’t yet realized how much getting your period sucks? I don’t know; I’m reaching for straws here.