What Not To Wear To The Airport

We all know what you should wear. You should probably wear a nice sweater, some attractive but comfortable jeans and a pair of shoes you can slip off easily. Personally, I probably dress better than I need to when I’m flying because of my complete conviction that the plane is going to crash and it’s the last outfit I’ll ever wear – but that’s me! No need for you to be thinking that way.  Here, however, are a few things you should never wear.

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    • lee

      Reitmans one, Haute Couture zero!

    • Laura

      THANK YOU. I detest Juicy Couture track suits. No person looks good in matching sweats with the word ‘juicy’ written across their rear end. Yes, they’re comfortable. No, the fact that they’re from Juicy and have metallic screen print on them does not make them acceptable attire.

    • earth

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