This Woman Stayed Awake For Her Breast Implants

On purpose.

You know, there’s an urban legend that Roy Cohn – the lawyer responsible for the deaths of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in the 1950′s – requested only local anesthesia for his face lift. Supposedly he did it to show that he could withstand anything (except wrinkles!) The legend goes along with a lot of comments about him being bereft of feeling, and, generally, the devil. I think Tony Kushner uses it Angels in America as an example of how Roy Cohn was just one scary, twisted wombat.

Kelly McCoy decided to have no anesthesia for her breast implants.

To show her superhuman strength and lack of remorse over her past McCarthyism? No. Kelly claims “Just the fact that I don’t have to undergo general anesthesia and the fact that I get to have a hand in seeing what the end result is going to be was like a huge selling point to me.”

So, to make sure they were big enough. Okay. Doctors say you should really have anesthesia.

I don’t think Tony Kushner is going to make her a major character in one of his works. I really think this just goes along with a lot of comments about her being a reckless idiot.

I’ll start.

This woman is a reckless idiot.

Your turn.

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    • Beth

      I’ve heard about this type of thing a few times, people staying awake to save money on plastic surgery. Usually it’s done by sketchy, unlicensed doctors. I saw a show a while ago about people who had been seriously hurt by botched surgeries, and many doctors just told them to take a couple T3s or even Advil before surgery. What some people will do for beauty… it’s so sad.

    • Shevonne

      Oh my gosh! I agree with Beth. It has to be sketchy doctors allowing this.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      That is so gross. I don’t even want to be awake when I give birth.

    • Amy

      My plastic surgeon offers the option of either localized anesthesia where he only numbs the area he is working on, or full anesthesia where you are fully asleep throughout your procedure. I could have been awake but numb for my breast surgery and tummy tuck, but I chose to sleep through it. I couldn’t fathom hearing them discuss my body parts, hear the sounds of the different machines being used, and possibly see what they cut off and/or put in me. I believe I would have been more than just physically scarred had I chosen the localized version.
      But to go without any pain-relief during surgery?!? No fucking way. I second the idea that the woman is an idiot.