Same-Sex Couple Voted Off Israeli ‘Dancing with the Stars’

They may have broken ground, but they couldn’t break through a string of subpar scores: Gili Shem Tov and Dorit Milman, the first-ever same-sex pair on an edition of Dancing with the Stars, were voted off the show’s Israeli version last night. Shem Tov, a lesbian TV presenter who requested a female partner on the show, generated more international headlines for the show (it’s Rokdim Im Kokhavim in Hebrew) than ever before. Though she didn’t win, her respectable fifth place finish and the barrage of press attention that accompanied her dances are already prompting other editions of the show (including the US version) to consider adding same-sex pairs. In case you missed our earlier coverage, here are some of Shem Tov and Milman’s dances:

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